Car News 7 Nov 2018

Porsche GT2 RS regains ‘ring record

Porsche’s 911 GT2 RS has retaken the production car record at the Nurburgring with a blistering time of 6:40.3. Porsche turned to their racing and development partner, Manthey-Racing, to create an upgrade kit for the GT2 RS. The Porsche was driven by the same driver who set the original record, with the GT2 RS MR setting a time of 6:40.3, beating the previous time of 6:47.3. The new record comes after Lamborghini set a time of 6:47.97 in the Aventador SVJ.

The MR kit offers improvements to the aero and suspension, with upgraded brake pads, magnesium wheels and another water tank to for the GT2’s intercooler water spray system, to ensure the car  can deploy all 691bhp for longer.

Manthey are due to reveal further details of the upgrades and pricing for the GT2 RS kit in the near future.

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