Car News 13 Mar 2017

The return of Ruf’s CTR Supercar

The world famous Porsche tuner, Ruf, returned to the Geneva Motor Show with a new 911-inspired CTR model.

The new model is Ruf’s first completely independent car developed and designed in-house. The new model has been launched 30 years after the original 1987 Yellow Bird CTR was released, which was based on Porsche’s 911. It takes heavy inspiration from the original Yellow Bird and resembles Porsche classic styling, however it features significant tech and engineering advances.

The new all-Ruf CTR has a unique in-house developed carbonfibre monocoque chassis. It is the first rear-wheel, rear-engined car with this kind of chassis. The chassis tub is supported by a steel structure at front and rear frames and passenger cell – creating a roll-cage style structure. Carbonfibre is used for the body panels, keeping the car’s weight to 1,200kg.

The CTR runs on a water-cooled 3.6-ltre twin-turbo flat six engine, producing 700bhp and 649lb ft of torque, linked to a 6 speed manual transmission, driving power to the rear wheels. The car is capable of an impressive 0-62mph time of 3.5 seconds and has a flat out speed of 220mph. There is limited slip diff and double-wishbone suspension.  A dual-clutch automatic version may be available later.

The styling is a mix of retro and modern. The interior features modern carbon bucket seats trimmed with lightweight Alcantara and heritage yellow tartan. The instrument dash is Porsche’s classic five-dial cluster.

Only 30 manual units of the Ruf CTR supercar will be produced, costing an estimated €750,000.


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