Car News 24 Feb 2016

Revealed: The London Boroughs most likely to finance a supercar

Supercar spotters looking to ogle the latest automotive exotica might normally head to Knightsbridge, but the London postcode where the most luxury cars are bought is actually… Richmond.

According to research by luxury car funder Oracle Finance, Richmond is home to the most supercar buyers as the firm has funded 19 per cent of its London-based supercar deals in the affluent area.

Unsurprisingly Notting Hill was a close second with 14 per cent of the luxury finance packages written for buyers living in that area and in a close third place was Harrow (13 per cent).

Oracle Finance managing director Peter Brook said: “We do a lot of business with customers living in the capital, but even I was surprised at the areas where our clients who buy supercars live.

“We specialise in finance for luxury and performance cars and a large proportion of our business is done with Londoners who love to drive around in the latest cars. Range Rovers are very popular with our customers in the capital, with Ferrari and Porsche a close second and third.”

The Top 10 of London Boroughs most likely to own a supercar looks like this:


  1. Richmond                   19%
  2. Notting Hill                  14%
  3. Harrow                         13%
  4. Hoxton                         12%
  5. Kilburn                         11%
  6. Waterloo                      9%
  7. Bethnal Green            7%
  8. Twickenham               6%
  9. Norwood                     4%
  10. Bromley                      1%

Other boroughs accounted for the remaining four per cent of deals funded in London by Oracle Finance. Data taken from Oracle Finance deals written for London customers from 2011-2014.

For help funding your next luxury car contact Oracle Finance on 08450 944997.