Car News 16 Jun 2016

Rolls-Royce ‘Vision Next 100’ Concept

As part of the BMW group, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary, Rolls-Royce has released its own luxury concept car for the next 100 years, featuring autonomous driving.

The super-luxury concept from Rolls-Royce was unveiled at BMW’s birthday celebrations at an event at the roundhouse in North London. The concept itself has been designed as only a celebratory exercise which is ‘purely visionary’, however it also plays with autonomous ideas.

The futuristic concept remains true to Rolls-Royce design and harks back to their 112 year past. The concept is recognisable as a modern take on a phantom. The wheels are for the most-part covered and the roof  unhinges when the door is open, for easy entry and exit.

The concept uses a lightweight platform of mixed materials for the chassis. The design and shape of the body would then be specified by each customer to their needs, and each Rolls-Royce would be completely individual in the future. The concept is powered by a high-performance electric motor with zero emissions and would be fully autonomous.

The interior is aimed at the pinnacle of luxury, and has no driving seat or instruments. This new space, described as the ‘Grand Sanctuary’, is finished in lavish materials such as Macassar wood and silk on the floor and upholstery. The seating is open and features a large sofa-like arrangement.

The concept introduces an in-car virtual personal assistant with artificial intelligence, to help with anything from routes to art and music. The cabin also features a full-width OLED display.

Rolls-Royce has gone all out on the styling and extras for the Vision Next 100 concept car, offering extravagant luxury, including a virtual red carpet projection on exit.


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