Car News 27 Mar 2018

Rolls-Royce Wraith Luminary Collection announced

Rolls-Royce has announced they will produce 55 bespoke versions of its Wraith, titled the Luminary Collection. The limited edition variant will feature bespoke design elements, including a shooting star headliner and illuminated wood panelling.

The shooting star headliner builds on their popular starlight headlining, which now consists of 1340 fibre optic lights and includes eight shooting stars that operate at random via the touch of a button. As well as this, the Luminary Collection features illuminated Tudor Oak wood, the first time this has featured in a car. Adding to the luxury, the seats are draped in tan and anthracite leather, although customers can opt for a Seashell coloured leather for the rear seats if they wish.

The bespoke exterior colour of the special edition is said to be inspired by early morning light and is titled Sunburst Grey. The paint features copper tones that become visible when the car is hit with light, mimicking the sky during a sunrise. The Wraith underpinnings remain unchanged, where it retains its 6.6-litre V12 that produces 623bhp.

The Luminary Collection will be limited to just 55 units and, due to the unique specification options, will probably mean no two cars will cost the same. The price is unconfirmed, although it is expected to cost considerably more than a standard Wraith which starts at £240,768.




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