Car News 17 May 2016

Rolls-Royce’s Phantom Zenith Collection

To mark the Current Phantom’s last year of production, Rolls-Royce are releasing 50 end-of-the-line special edition Phantoms with extra opulence, called the ‘Zenith Collection’.

The 50 Zenith Collection Phantoms will be available in Coupé or Drophead Coupé models. The exclusive run-out editions will be custom built to their buyer’s specifications, with bespoke detailing and upgrades.

The Zenith Collection adds even more luxury to the Phantom; the limited edition model features a glass shelf for the rear padded-leather tailgate, which is accompanied by a new champagne fridge. The larger champagne fridge now holds two bottles and the Zenith comes with 8 bespoke Rolls-Royce champagne flutes.  To finish off the pricey picnic, each comes with an individually designed hamper to match the exact specifications of the car.

All receive expertly finished badges in the cabin with the car’s build ID number. Each Zenith will leave with a piece of the factory – a part from the Phantom production line will feature in the dashboard, engraved with unique coordinates of where it was housed in the Goodwood factory.

Inside each door the metal etchings continue, armrest cappings feature detailed maps of important locations for the Phantom, such as Goodwood, Lake Como, and Lake Geneva. Other bespoke elements include a brushed steel speedometer and an especially designed ‘starlight headliner’ with roof constellation lights that illuminate the front and rear passengers to varying degrees. The front seats are in a lighter tone of coloured leather than the rear, and the Zenith collection is available in paint colours taken from Vintage Phantoms of the past, like the 1930’s Madeira Red.

Rolls-Royce has already contacted potential buyers for the Phantom Zenith’s and pricing is expected to be significantly higher than the standard Phantom’s £338,616 starting price. The next all-aluminium generation Phantom is expected to be revealed in 2017.


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