Car News 17 Jul 2017

RS Q8 to lead Audi performance SUV range

Audi is set to challenge BMW’s X6 M with its new RS Q8 in the battle of the performance SUV’s.

The RS Q8 will represent the pinnacle of luxury and performance for Audi’s SUV range.  Audi’s hot RS models are crafted by Audi Sport, who are keen to expand the range of RS SUVs.

Audi Sport boss Stephan Winkleman said: “Today we have a product line-up which we are working on which will be expanded in more prestige segments and bodystyles which are sellable around the world.”

The RS Q8 will utilise the same platform as the upcoming Lamborghini Urus and will more than likely feature the same petrol V8 turbo, following Winkleman’s comments implying diesel isn’t compatible with the developing world market.

Prices are expected to sit around the £100,000 mark.


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