Car News 24 Feb 2016

Singer’s Modified Porsche 911s Come to the UK.

Singer’s Modified Porsche 911s Come to the UK. 

The US-based tuning house, Singer, is the creator of some of the finest modified Porsche 911s across the globe. Its latest work, a modified 911 Targa (shown here), cost around £351,000 and was revealed at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed after a personal invitation from Lord March.

Singer, which is synonymous with Porsche’s iconic sports car, started his operations in 2009 and since then has restored about 24 cars, each of which takes around 10 months to produce.  As Singer boss, Rob Dickinson, described, Singer is taking “an icon like the 911… polishing it up and re-presenting it to a new generation”.

Singer’s modified 911s are becoming legends, as the attention to detail is astonishing and nothing is left to chance. From the interior of each car, which is covered in leather, nickel, aluminium and high quality fabric, to the no less than 34 coats of primer, paint and lacquer that are applied during the restoration process. Each engine is rebuilt, the light units are custom made from scratch, and the body panel is made from carbon fibre to reduce the weight. Only the doors remain the same so they will still sound like a classic Porsche when they close.  

The main appeal for Singer’s customers is the hand-built quality and exclusivity of the product. There is already a 2 year waiting list for Singer’s restoration services, despite a basic asking price of around £256,000.

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