Car News 13 Jul 2016

Tesla introduce 60D variant to the Model X range

The seven-seat electric model X range welcomes a new addition to the line-up. Tesla has unveiled the new entry-level 60D SUV, which starts from £64,100.

The 60D has a lower price due to a reduced capacity; it uses a 60kWh battery in a dual-electric motor configuration. The new model will have a range of 220 miles, just 39 miles less than the 75D – the previous entry model. The performance for the 60D remains the same as the 75D, delivering 0-60mph in 6.0 seconds and hitting a top-speed of 130mph.

The falcon-winged SUV comes with all-wheel drive, sonar sensors and a 17inch touchscreen infotainment system. Optional extras include autopilot (£2,200), a six-seat layout (£2,550) or seven-seat layout (£3,400).

The range consists of 4 main models, however a ‘Ludicrous Speed’ extra spec level is available for the top two models for an additional £8,700. The 60D starts at £64,100, the next model up, the 75D, starts at £71,900, the mid-range 90D is priced at £82,780 and the range-topping P90D at £100,180.

All models in the range are available to order now and deliveries are expected from early 2017.

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