Car News 12 Aug 2016

The new Bristol Bullet unveiled

The British marque has made a comeback with the bespoke sports car the ‘Bullet’. The Bullet has now been officially released and marks the 70th anniversary for Bristol.

The unique Bullet was designed in collaboration with an Italian styling house to create a stunning design. Elements of the Bullet are reminiscent of Bristol’s iconic 404 and 405 models, such as the wings and grille.

The Kensington based company historically used hand-beaten aluminium panels for their sports cars however the new Bullet has been built mainly out of carbonfibre to keep it light, weighing in at 1250kg. The car runs on a 370bhp BMW V8 engine, capable of sprinting from 0-62mph in a mere 3.8 seconds and has a top speed of 155mph. The Bullet is offered with both automatic and manual transmissions.

The beautiful car has bespoke finishes and uses high-quality upholstery and leather throughout.

The Bullet will head to production at the start of 2017 and potential buyers will be contacted by the company and viewing arranged. No pricing has been revealed yet, however Bristol’s previous model ‘Fighter’ was priced at £235,000 and a similar ballpark can be expected.


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