Car News 14 Apr 2016

The new Mazzanti EV-R Supercar

Mazzanti Automobili has revealed it will be launching a new range-topping Supercar this summer, the EV-R.

The Italian manufacturer’s founder Luca Mazzanti, has teased the new model through a series of 10 videos online, describing the car and its development. The new twin-turbo, 7.2-Litre V8 EV-R will be faster and more extreme than the 751bhp Mazzanti Evantra (pictured above), which hits 220mph flat out and 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds.

The EV-R will be pitted against the LaFerrari and is being developed as the “most extreme street-legal car ever built in Italy”. The EV-R aims to knock the LaFerrari off its top-spot for performance, by producing more than 950bhp and outstripping the Ferrari across the board. Mazzanti will spare no expense, using only premium materials and technology throughout the tailor-made cars.

The Mazzanti EV-R will be officially unveiled on the 8th June at the Turin Motor Show. A very Limited number of EV-Rs are expected to be produced per year, and based on the Evantra, the price will be upwards of £665,000.