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The top 3 Lamborghinis of all time

Lamborghini has a great variety of beautiful cars filled with history.  These are the top 3 models they have ever produced, scored on history, favourability, styling and performance.

Ferruccio Lamborghini’s visit to Don Eduardo Miura’s cattle ranch in Sevilla in 1962 clearly made a big impression on the company founder. So impressed was he by Miura’s fighting bulls that he decided to adopt a raging bull in Lamborghini’s logo when he established the marque in 1963.

The bovine fascination didn’t stop there – after producing the plainly titled 350 GT and 400 GT, Lamborghini (who was a Taurus, by the way) turned once again to Don Eduardo’s ranch for inspiration and the bull naming sequence was started.

Number 1: Lamborghini Veneno


  • Top speed – 221 mph
  • 0 – 60 – 2.8 seconds
  • Maximum Torque – 509 lb-ft
  • Brake Horsepower – 750

There’s a lot of things that give this Lambo a place in the top 3. Let’s start with its background.

This car was built to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th birthday, what better birthday gift could you ask for?  The name itself comes from the Spanish for ‘venom’, a remarkably accurate description of the way it delivers its performance.  As with all the other Lambo supercars, the new Venevo takes its name from the fighting arena: Veneno is one of the strongest and most aggressive fighting bulls ever.  In 1914 he wounded the famous torero José Sánchez Rodríguez during the bullfight in the arena Sanlúcar de Barrameda’s, Andalusia, Spain.

Lamborghini built just five examples of the Veneno: One for factory testing (dubbed car number Zero), one retained for the factory and three cars for customers, all of which were customised to the customer specifications.  To say they’re rare is a massive understatement. Because of the rarity and heritage of the car, in 2013 it cost £3.3million!

Lamborghini Veneno - The Top 3 Lamborghinis of all time
Sculpted to destroy tracks and the road! Somehow being legal to use on the streets.

Performance figures for this car were stupidly good back in 2013 and six years on these figures still look incredible.  Power comes from the incredible L539 6.5-litre V-12 engine, upgraded from the original Aventador to produce 740 horsepower.  The extra power was extracted by enlarging the air intakes, allowing for higher revs, and modifying the existing exhaust system. Power is channelled to all four wheels through the seven-speed transmission, an ultra-quick unit that shifts with brute force.

Of all the Lamborghini’s produced, this one has to be the most insane in terms of appearance. Its extreme styling convinces us the Veneno was spawned as a result of Predator and Batman tinkering with an Aventador.

Lamborghini Veneno - The Top 3 Lamborghinis of all time
It may be one of the top 3 Lambos, but it’s THE #1 rear.

The designers at Lamborghini should direct sci-fi films. The beautiful carbon tub in its gorgeous grey looks so mean and evil. Every angle looks mad. The photo above shows off the best of this cars’ crazy design. The spoiler that actually expands wider than the car itself, the huge air vents to cool that godly V12 and a diffuser sculpted around a futuristic exhaust system. The red flairs and the Y shaped rear lights are bragging aggression. It makes a stealth bomber look insignificant.

Number 2: Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador - The Top 3 Lamborghinis of all time
Styling that pops, it’s doing what Lamborghini does best. Showing off…


  • Top Speed – 217 mph
  • 0 – 60 – 2.9 seconds
  • Maximum Torque – 508 lb-ft
  • Brake Horsepower – 700

The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 debuted at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show as a replacement for the Murcielago, which had served as an iconic supercar for a decade. Lamborghini intended its all-carbon-fibre Aventador would fill the same drool-inducing niche. Aventador was a bull that fought in October 1993 at the Saragossa Arena.  In the end, it would earn the “Trofeo de la Peña La Madroñera” for its outstanding courage.

Lamborghini Aventador - The Top 3 Lamborghinis of all time

You’d be out of your mind to argue with how this car looks.  Awesome springs to mind.  The outrageous orange is over the top, but that’s what makes Lamborghini, Lamborghini. It differs from Ferrari’s more ‘civilised’ styling.  Lambo brings thinking outside the box when it comes to styling to a whole new level. Scissor doors, for example, feel like Lambo lunacy at play.

When this car was released in 2013, the performance stats were jaw-dropping and that hasn’t changed.  In a market full of turbos, it’s nice to have some old school big engines come into play.  The mighty 6.5-litre V-12 engine pumps out an astonishing 700 horsepower and 509 pound-feet of torque.  The reason this tops the Murcielago is because of the engine, the Murcielago was an unintentional building block to create the Aventador, all the bits the Murcielago did wrong, the Aventador made better. SO much better…

Lamborghini Aventador - The Top 3 Lamborghinis of all time

The Aventador isn’t just a pretty thing, it’s the second most sold Lamborghini model. Everyone loves these, they’re the pinup poster car and rightly so.

Number 3: Lamborghini Miura

Last, but certainly not least. This is the car that changed the supercar game forever…

Lamborghini Miura - The Top 3 Lamborghinis of all time
The car that kickstarted the supercar game.


  • Top Speed – 170 mph
  • 0 – 60 – 6.7
  • Maximum Torque – 262 lb-ft
  • Brake Horsepower – 345

Now a bit of history about why this car in particular needs to be on this list.

Very few cars managed to change the automobile world like the Miura. With its central V12 engine and fascinating body, the two-seater of the iconic car manufacturer redefined the concept of a sports car. As proof of that, at its debut, the Miura was the fastest production car in the world: With a top speed of 280 km/h and an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds, the Lamborghini Miura set new standards in the sports cars segment.

Ferruccio Lamborghini became very wealthy from his tractor business. He bought several luxury cars, including a Ferrari. Lamborghini had a passion for cars, so much so that he began racing. However, since he knew quite a bit about car mechanics he decided that the cars he raced needed a little changing. When racing his Ferrari, he noticed that it was too noisy and rough on the road and the interior clutch needed repairing often. Lamborghini decided to tell Ferrari about the imperfections he found in his cars, Enzo Ferrari mocked Ferruccio and consequently, Lamborghini set up his own company to rival Ferrari.

Top 3 Lamborghinis
On the left, Enzo Ferrari and on the right, Ferrucio Lamborghini.

Named after a type of bull (of course), the Miura debuted at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show before a stunned audience. They were captivated by the sexy, striking design. Right away, the Miura was a hit. Rock stars and famous people lined up to buy it while Lamborghini charged them four times the price of a Jaguar E-Type to own one. They produced 474 cars in the first three years. Without the Miura, the supercar craze would’ve probably started later than it did.

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