Car News 8 Aug 2019

Attack of the clones? BMW Z4 v Toyota Supra

There has been much talk about these two new and pretty similar sports cars. The Supra finally came back after more than 20 years, this time not the Japanese mad street racer design, but a more composed and refined looking roadster… with many diehard fans of the car losing their minds. The Supra has been Toyota’s poster car for many years and now fans are divided over how they have partnered with the German superpower BMW to recreate such an iconic machine.


BMW Z4 M40i:

Price: £49,050

Power: 382 bhp

Torque: 369 lb-ft

0-62: 3.9 s

Top Speed:  155 mph

Attack of the clones? BMW Z4 v Toyota Supra
The BMW Z4

Toyota Supra GR:

Price: £52,695

Power: 335 bhp

Torque: 365 lb-ft

0-62: 4.1 s

Top Speed:  155 mph

Attack of the clones? BMW Z4 v Toyota Supra
The Zupra… sorry Supra


So, on paper and looking at raw statistics, the Z4 trumps the Supra.

Or does it? …

Carwow on YouTube did many performance tests on these two cars as everyone is going nuts about the head to head on these cars. In a drag race, the Supra actually beat the Z4. It did the standing quarter-mile in 12 seconds whereas the Z4 did it in 12.5 seconds.



Are Toyota underplaying their performance figures?

Well, once again, apparently the kid that copied the friend got the higher mark. In a video on CarThrottles YouTube channel, the Toyota was put on a dyno run and actually produced 377 bhp. Yes, a crazy 42 horses more than Toyota have told us.


In this regard, the cars do look similar in many areas. Although the Supra definitely has the more aggressive and mad edge to it. The Toyota has a far more sharpened and streamlined look to it that emphasises sportiness and road presence. From a side view, the Supra offers wide flares above the wheel arches, air intake vents and this provides an aggressive look, the Z4 is toned down and resorts more to elegance than craziness.

From the rear, the Supra once again looks better. It has a very low stance, ducktail spoiler, a menacingly big diffuser that stays separate from the curved bumper, unique futuristic taillights and two large tailpipes. The Z4 looks far too subtle and doesn’t have a lot of character to it at all. Plus it uses the horrible new craze of fake exhaust tips.


The interior on each of these cars are similar but different. The actual dash and screen look pretty much identical, however, the supra is more poised in a sporty sense whereas the Z4 is leaning towards the comfort side of things. Red and black are used in the Toyota for that motorsport type feel and the Z4 uses creams and browns for the more upmarket taste. Toyota wanted this car to show a design that allows it to be an everyday sports car but the capability to be a track car. This meant they had to be very careful by not stepping over the line. They have combined comfort and race track inspired design perfectly. The centre console in the Supra also cuts you partially off from the passenger with a long leather beam, making it more of a driver’s car than the Z4.


The fact that BMW offers the Z4 with a four-cylinder underlines its position as a cruiser compared to the nutty Supra. It’s 115kg lighter than the equivalent Z4, the 1610kg M40i. The Z4 is too much of a cruiser in the driving department. The Supra is far more crisp, far more responsive and far more fun to hoon around in.


Once again BMW has been beaten at its own game! The Supra has a much better exhaust note than the Z4 and proves to be far more raspy and loud. The six-cylinder B58 engine pops and cracks constantly with sports mode on, the Z4 just kind of hums with a monotone noise.


Toyota wanted to revive the Supra but it would have never got the green light if it wasn’t for a partner to make it a worthwhile financial investment. BMW gave Toyota their essay and Toyota handed it in with a higher mark. In every single sense, Toyota made the better car .The standing joke of ‘Zupra’ should be shot down and quickly. The Supra is nothing like the Z4, it has a sporty flair which the Z4 lacks and those cheeky hidden performance gains that Toyota kept quiet about make it a full incentive to buy this as it is also only marginally more expensive, so not an issue.