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How To Refinance Your Car

Refinancing your car with Oracle Finance is the hassle-free way of restructuring your funding, much like switching your mortgage.

You may be looking to reduce your monthly outgoings but that doesn’t mean you have to sell your car, restructuring your car finance could be an option.

Similarly, you might wish to extend or reduce the term of your agreement – either to keep your car longer or to accelerate your path to ownership.

If you have a balloon at the end of your current agreement but want to keep your car, you don’t necessarily have to pay it off in full. Again, refinancing your balloon amount could be worth considering.

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Is Refinance Right For Me?

Wondering whether a refinancing loan is right for you? If your circumstances have changed, it could be a great solution.

Our expert team are on hand to walk you through your options to find the right solution for your current requirements. So, whether you’re just looking t reduce your monthly payments, or you have a concerning balloon payment on the horizon that you wish to not pay in one lump sum, then your dedicated Account Manager could open the door to source the right lender and solution for your specific requirements.

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Oracle Finance is a Credit Broker and not a Lender.

This means that we deal with a wide range of financial institutions to give our customers a greater choice of competitively priced options. For your protection, Oracle Finance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the sale of consumer credit. Oracle Finance is a trading name of Oracle Asset Finance Limited.


Car refinance is the process of replacing an existing auto loan with a new one, typically to get better terms, lower interest rates, or to adjust the loan duration.
Car refinance works by paying off your existing auto loan with a new loan, often with better terms. This can lead to lower monthly payments or reduced interest rates.
Car refinance can lead to lower monthly payments, reduced interest rates, improved cash flow, and potentially save money over the life of the loan.
Qualification for car refinance depends on factors like credit score, loan-to-value ratio, and the current market interest rates. Meeting these criteria can increase your chances of approval.
The car refinancing process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the lender and the required documentation.
It is worth considering car refinance when interest rates drop, your credit score improves, or if you're struggling with high monthly payments. It's also worth exploring if you want to change the loan duration.
While there is no strict limit on how many times you can refinance a car, it's essential to consider potential impacts on your credit score and overall financial situation.
No, traditional car refinancing is not typically applicable to leased vehicles. However, there are lease buyout options or alternatives to explore.
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Refinance Your Car