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Releasing Equity From Your Car

If you own a high-value vehicle and are looking for a cash injection for other ventures, you may be able to release some equity from your car.

You may be looking for additional funds to support a property investment or business venture; if you have sufficient capital in your vehicle then our specialist account managers could structure a finance package which allows you to release those funds from your car, so you can continue to enjoy your car whilst freeing up cash for alternative means.

As car finance is a secured loan, many of our customers prefer to release equity in this way as an alternative to taking an unsecured personal loan, protecting their personal liability which is generally viewed more favourably by future lenders.

  • Release equity from a current vehicle for other ventures
  • Retain ownership of your vehicle
  • Secured lending protects personal liability
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Leverage your assets

as opposed to taking a personal loan

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Release capital from your vehicle

without relinquishing ownership

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Retain ownership of your vehicle

for your future enjoyment

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Secured lending

protecting your personal liability

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Fixed monthly payments options

for future budgetary control

Current representative APR

9.9% APR

Oracle Finance is a Credit Broker and not a Lender.

This means that we deal with a wide range of financial institutions to give our customers a greater choice of competitively priced options. For your protection, Oracle Finance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the sale of consumer credit. Oracle Finance is a trading name of Oracle Asset Finance Limited.


Releasing equity from a financed car is possible, but it requires paying off the existing loan. Refinancing or taking out a new loan may be alternative options.
Advantages may include access to cash for various purposes, debt consolidation, home improvements, or addressing financial needs whilst keeping the vehicle.
Equity release can be achieved by either refinancing the car, taking out a loan secured by the vehicle's value, or selling the car and using the proceeds.
Yes, it's possible to release equity without selling the car by using it as collateral for a loan or refinancing the existing loan to access cash.
Releasing equity from a leased car is generally not possible because you don't own the vehicle during the lease period. Releasing equity is more applicable to owned vehicles.
Risks may include taking on additional debt, potential interest costs, and the possibility of owing more than the car's value. It's crucial to carefully consider the financial implications.
The equity in a car is calculated by subtracting the remaining amount owed on a loan or financing arrangement from amount lenders will loan on the vehicle.
If you cannot repay the equity release loan, the lender may take possession of the vehicle as collateral. It's important to understand the terms and consequences of releasing equity before proceeding.
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Release Equity From Your Car