What Is A Car Finance Broker And Why Would You Use One?
Frequently Asked Questions 21 Dec 2023

Frequently Asked Customer Questions

Arranging your car finance can often seem like a minefield of uncertainties, especially for those who may not have arranged finance for a vehicle before. At Oracle Car Finance, we take the headache out of arranging your car finance and offer free impartial advice to ensure that you get the most suitable finance package, bespoke to you and your circumstances. Whilst we do our best to talk you through every process and finance type and what it means for you, it often helps to see some of the questions that our customers often ask in case it is something you hadn’t thought of or always wanted to know.

With this in mind we have put together a few of our most frequently asked questions direct from our customers to put your mind at ease before you speak to your dedicated Account Manager.

“What if I haven’t found my vehicle yet?”

This is a very common position our customers find themselves in. Did you know, however, that we can actually help you find your ideal car for you? We have fantastic relationships with reputable dealerships across the UK, so we could source your dream vehicle for you within your ideal budget. Not only that but our expertise means we can also offer advice on residual values and the difference between the models and what to look out for.

“What if I’m concerned about going over my budget?”

We understand that for many people, it comes down to how much the vehicle will cost you each month. If you are concerned that a particular package is a little higher than expected, we are here to help find a solution for you. We strive to find the right finance package for you and your circumstances, so if you have any concerns or if there is something you feel does not work for you, simply discuss anything with your Account Manager who will be more than happy to assist you.

“Being approved will tie me in to a deal, won’t it?”

Being approved for car finance with an agreement in principle does not mean that you are committed to that vehicle or to that type of finance agreement. An agreement in principle is just an indication that a lender would be prepared to lend a specific amount to you, based on the details you have previously provided to your Account Manager. Only once we have your credit line in place by getting an approval from the right lender for you, can we then discuss if you are happy to go ahead or not.

“But will it affect my credit score?”

The reason we are able to offer bespoke finance solutions is due to the direct relationships we have with our panel of lenders. This means that once we have provided you with a quote, we have enough information to be able to find the right lender for your needs and your situation. This limits the risk by directly speaking to the right lender on your behalf, not just sending your details out to numerous lenders in the hope that one or more may accept your application. Our primary goal is always to keep our customers safe, and this is just one of the reasons why we have one of the highest acceptance rates in the UK. Not only that, but we will always disclose to you if a lender will be carrying out a credit search, prior to sending your details on to them.

“What if my circumstances change months down the line?”

As much as we try, we cannot predict the future. What might work best for you now may not be appropriate in the future, and vice versa. A lot of factors can change both with yourself and with the marketplace, that is why we advise that your car finance agreement is regularly reviewed and assessed, much like you would with your mortgage on your house. This ensures that your car finance package is the most suitable for you and your circumstances and can change if and when you need it to.

“What if I am looking to purchase a vehicle from a private sale?”

No problem. We are specialists in sourcing funding for purchasing cars from everywhere from main dealerships, independent garages, private sellers, car auctions and much more. No matter if it is a new car, a pre-owned car, a classic car, racing car or other type of vehicle like a motorhome or even a commercial vehicle, you can rest assured that at Oracle Car Finance we will strive to find you the perfect finance package for you and your circumstances.

The Oracle Finance Difference

Should you have any further questions, your dedicated Account Manager will be more than happy to answer them no matter how small or big they may seem. We always have our customers best interests at heart so want to make sure we leave no stone unturned when it comes to your finance package and the range of options you have, not just now, but in the future too. Being an Oracle Car Finance customer means we are here for you throughout your whole car buying journey, from your first car to the purchase of your dream car, and your Account Manager is always here for you as and when you need them.

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