Car News 24 Feb 2016

Get Peace of Mind with the Oracle Security Watch Service

If you fund your next prestige vehicle with Oracle Finance you do so safe in the knowledge that before and even after purchase Oracle is keeping a close eye on your investment.

Any vehicle funded through Oracle is automatically checked that it:

Has no outstanding finance

Is not reported as stolen with the Police

Has not had any major accident damage

That the car has not been a total loss and then cloned

The V5 registration documents matches the chassis number

So, as well as a pre-purchase check all Oracle Finance funded vehicles are covered with the Oracle Security Watch Service. This useful facility means that your car is security registered with the police and across the motor trade and should anyone try to undertake any illegal activity involving the details of your vehicle the relevant authorities will be alerted and the situation brought to your attention. All of this means that with Oracle Finance you can rest assured that we are helping look after your car before and even after we’ve provided the funding.

We also off a free valuation check on any vehicle and for this or for any other further information call us on 0800 012 6666.