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Interesting Info 27 Apr 2016

Jay Kay Blown Away by Supercar

It’s safe to say few can match singer Jay Kay’s supercar collection but he recently was left speechless after witnessing the Lamborghini Reventon. Many will use prestige car finance to purchase luxury cars this year, but it isn’t likely many will get their hands on this supercar.

According to a report in Auto Trader, cult Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay, recently had the distinct pleasure of witnessing the incredibly rare Lamborghini Reventon, of which there is only one in all of the UK. Obviously, such uniqueness is like gold-dust to supercar enthusiasts and many will make use of luxury car finance this year to secure a dream vehicle of their own; albeit almost certainly not a Lamborghini Reventon. With so many great luxury cars to choose from, ranging from Bentleys to Mercedes, it is little wonder that luxury car finance deals are increasing in popularity all the time as more and more consumers begin to see the benefits of purchasing a vehicle this way. Jay Kay himself has a formidable array of supercars in his collection, which includes a Ferrari Enzo and a Bentley Arnage. Many will aim to replicate the singer’s fast living lifestyle with a prestige vehicle of their own and many will see a car finance arrangement as the ideal means to turn this dream into a reality.

Car Finance Deals Make Dreams Come True

Obviously, it may not be realistic to strive for a luxury car collection as extensive as Jay Kay’s but a prestige car finance deal can help many in the UK make their luxury car dreams come true. Even Jay Kay hasn’t got every prestige vehicle that he desires and, according to the report in Auto Trader, the singer was desperate to clasp eyes on the Lamborghini Reventon and spent 10 weeks trying to arrange a viewing of one the rarest luxury cars ever created, with only 20 rolling off the Lamborghini production line. For those using prestige car finance deals, Lamborghini’s are an extremely popular choice because of the sheer kudos that comes from owning one of these incredible Italian automobiles.

Hit Top Gear With The Right Car Finance Arrangement

There are so many reasons to consider buying a luxury vehicle, but many feel that they are outside of their financial reach. Prestige car finance arrangements, however, are opening doors for thousands of consumers each year, and this year is likely to see the numbers seeking keys to a Bentley, Range Rover, Ferrari or Porsche increase significantly. Finding the right car finance provider is crucial and it is imperative to seek out a provider who has the same passion for luxury cars as you.

A Great Range Of Car Finance Plans From Oracle Finance

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