Car News 14 Aug 2019

The Nissan GT-R. Supercar or Godzilla?

In 2009, Japan decided to release a car that would crush the performance of its Italian counterparts and not make a fuss about it. The Nissan GT-R.

This car in the community has been often renamed ‘Godzilla’ with the performance this car churns out with ease, we know why. It spits flames, it weighs 1.8 tonnes and it is a behemoth. A monster that quite frankly puts the more exotic machinery to absolute shame.

In 2.6 seconds, you will be at 60mph.

Soon, you will be at 196 mph.

You get this godly power for just under £80,000…

The Nissan GT-R. Supercar or Godzilla?

The Nissan GT-R has been made to be the most aerodynamic sports car. This has been made to cut through air. It does feel odd calling it a sports car, the specifications of this car make it far better than a supercar, and the Nurburgring time it achieved was 7:08

Unlike other mad Italian cars, you won’t get the sense of fear in this car. It uses an all-wheel-drive system that locks onto the road and will never lose any grip.

Each GT-R is ever so slightly different. There are only 5 trained craftsmen in the world who are allowed to hand assemble these cars and then put a plaque of their name on the car. They are all tested extensively and one of these bench tests includes it performing at maximum revs for 10 whole minutes.

This car is so bonkers that you even get four seats! AND a boot!

The Nissan GT-R. Supercar or Godzilla?

Its ability to launch is astounding, one second it’s there and next it’s not, it does a standing quarter-mile in 10.1 seconds. Faster than a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, Audi R8, Ferrari 488 and a Porsche GT2 RS just to name a few.

R mode will send you into the Millennium Falcons light speed and crush you into your seat with an explosive kick of torque.

Styling wise, the GT-R is more beastly than exquisite. It looks big and beefy, capable of taking any car on around a track. It has not lost its true Japanese styling that the classic R34 Skyline had either, it remains a unique and bold car that doesn’t look anything like any other car in its league.

Value is one thing that this car boasts. There’s nothing you can get at this price for this performance.

The Nissan GT-R. Supercar or Godzilla?

Image credits: Autocar