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The Top Automotive Podcasts

At Oracle Finance we love cars. Just a look around the staff car park and you will find RS badges, GTI’s, ‘M’ badged cars, Competition and Competizione, R and Type R badges, quattro badges, there are also some electric cars too. When we are not sourcing finance for cars we are talking about cars, or in our spare time, listening about cars. That is why many of us listen to automotive podcasts at home or commuting to or from the office. So which ones do we think are best? Here is our rundown of the best automotive podcasts for your ears.

The Top Automotive Podcasts - Behind The Glass
Image Courtesy of Behind The Glass

Behind The Glass

Team Oracle are big fans of automotive YouTuber Sam of Seen Through Glass, and the Behind The Glass podcast he does with friend Tony from Gravelwood Car Sales is one of the best around. Nicely informal, but with knowledgeable chat and a broad range of topics on offer, Behind The Glass is the perfect easy listen at the same time as remaining entertaining and informative. Whilst guest appearances sometimes feature, the content remains fresh and relevant with friendly chat between Sam and Tony. The opinions of someone within the automotive influencer world with someone who owns a used car dealership gives a good two-sided opinion on topics, with Tony’s dry sense of humour mixing well with Sam’s often noted well spoken manner.

With a runtime of around an hour, the podcast is the perfect accompaniment to your daily commute or with a couple of episodes making a long drive fly by. For Formula one fans, Sam was previously joined by fellow YouTuber, Supercars of London’s Paul Wallace, during the racing season for ‘After The Chequered Flag’ special episodes to talk all things F1 and review the races that have taken place.

Have a listen: Behind The Glass on Apple Podcasts

The Top Automotive Podcasts - Collecting Cars Podcast
Image Courtesy of Collecting Cars

Collecting Cars

Popular car auction website Collecting Cars is one of the go-to places to sell your prestige, classic, sports or supercar. As an accompaniment to their website, they also have a podcast that has been running since 2019, hosted by company founder Edward Lovett and Top Gear presenter Chris Harris. Although sporadic at first, their episodes have had a refresh and are seemingly a more weekly production these days. Their episodes often feature a guest appearance by some notable figures in the automotive industry and talk ‘idle chat’ about all things motoring. As a former racing driver and host of one of the world’s most popular car shows, Top Gear, Chris’ reviews and opinions are amongst the most respected around. Episode lengths vary but are usually between 45 and 90 minutes.

Have a listen: ‎The Collecting Cars Podcast on Apple Podcasts

My Week In Cars
Image Courtesy of Autocar

My Week in Cars

Renowned Autocar journalists Steve Cropley and Matt Prior host their weekly podcast discussing the latest automotive news and releases, but also thanks to their industry access, what they have been driving and where they have been throughout the week. The podcast is an informal chat between two respected and knowledgeable points of view, but is nicely informal and feels more like a chat between two friends down the pub. Unlike many automotive avenues, it also features more content about every day cars and not just the exotic performance cars that many seem to focus on a bit too much. A welcome taste of normality and actual insider knowledge on the types of cars people are more likely to be buying, and not just reviewing for ratings sake.

Have a listen: Autocar: My Week In Cars on Apple Podcasts

The Top Automotive Podcasts - The Car Chat
Image Courtesy of Car Chat

Car Chat

Car Chat is a popular automotive podcast brought to you by car photographer Sam Moores. A former owner of a certain famous blue Ferrari F40 and with an impressive portfolio of photography clients, Sam’s connections have led him to allow access to a number of high-profile guests. Started in mid-2018, Sam’s impressive list of weekly guest appearances are amongst some of the motoring world’s biggest names, from automotive journalists and YouTubers to famous car designers, racing drivers and important figures from major car companies. The episodes vary in length, some a quick 20 minutes whilst others over 2 hours, but the varying guests keep the content fresh and interesting.

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Fuelling Around
Image Courtesy of Fuelling Around

Fuelling Around

In what would initially seem like a bit of a mismatch, the Fuelling Around podcast is hosted by British Touring car legend Jason Plato, and radio personality ‘Comedy’ Dave Vitty. A light hearted take on the automotive world, the podcast features a different guest each week and a look into their four-wheeled adventures. Whilst other podcasts rely on guests solely from within the industry, Fuelling Around features everyone from Olympic Gold medallists to chart topping musicians, with automotive personalities thrown in for good measure, and talks about their car history and memories and their love of cars. Most episodes are between 30 minutes and an hour and are a pleasant listen perfect for that daily commute.

Have a listen: Fuelling Around on Apple Podcasts

Spike's Car Radio
Image Courtesy of Spike’s Car Radio

Spike’s Car Radio

For those looking for listening content not restricted to the UK, Spike’s Car Radio is a US podcast hosted by comedian and automotive enthusiast Sike Feresten, serial car collector and actor/producer Jerry Seinfeld, lawyer Paul Zuckerman, MotorTrend’s Senior Features Editor Jonny Lieberman and The Smoking Tire’s (another automotive podcast) Matt Farah. The episodes discuss the latest car news and stories, not just from the US but around the world, and with the occasional guest appearance to mix things up. The podcast is a much more relaxed approach to podcasting yet manages to cover a wide range of multiple topics within the 1 hour to 1.5-hour runtime. An alternative podcast to those looking to expand their podcast to across the pond.

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