5 Reasons Why MARCH Is The Ideal Time To Buy A Car
Interesting Info 28 Feb 2024

5 Reasons Why March Is The Ideal Time To Buy A Car

With the first signs that Winter is coming to an end, the thought of travelling into Spring with a different car is so appealing. With sunglasses becoming used a lot more, the ice scraper resigned to the glovebox for another 6 months, the turning off of the seat heater and the climate control degrees down a touch, why not also add a new car to that fresh feeling.

As it turns out, now is actually one of the best months of the year to change your car. To explain why we’ve put together a list of reasons why March is the ideal time to be shopping around for the perfect used car or placing that order for a brand new vehicle.

There Is More Choice

A quick browse online or a trip around some dealerships and you’ll be like a kid in a sweet shop! With the new registration beginning at the start of the month, sales of new cars understandably also increase. Not only does that mean that deals can be had on ordering a brand new car, but it also leads to an influx of second-hand vehicles being part exchanged for those new cars being bought.  Not only does this mean that there is more choice but also more chance of finding that perfect car with just the right specification you’ve been looking for, and since there are more available, the dealerships are trying to sell them on quickly in order to make room, meaning it could also be available at just the right price.

Manufacturers Are Feeling The Pressure

March is the end of the financial quarter, and usually more importantly the end of their financial year, and manufacturers have targets to hit for new vehicles being registered before the end of the month.  Premium brands like Land Rover, BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Porsche will all be feeling the pressure right now, so it is the ideal time to exercise your negotiating skills. With lead times for new cars falling all the time, there are more vehicles becoming available than there has been for many years thanks to backlog from lockdown and the parts shortages that it caused is finallyvbeing caught up with. Simon Roberts, Sales Manager at Oracle Finance says: “We know the immense pressures applied to dealers to hit certain targets.  This inevitably results in desperation to ‘do a deal’.  Now is the perfect time to be purchasing that new dream car!”

McLaren GTS
Image courtesy of McLaren

Cars Are Pre-Registered So March Targets Are Met

To avoid missing out on their bonus payments for the quarter, dealers will look to pre-register their leftover new car stock which means they have cars sitting on the forecourt starting to depreciate. Although there may be less new cars sat in dealerships than in previous years, there will still be some that have been ordered to attempt to get their stock levels up. They will also have their existing stock at the showroom too that may have already been pre-registered or part exchanges from recent months. This means they’ll be keen to clear some space, so there are deals to be done. Steve Whitaker, General Sales Manager at our sister company, Lawton Brook, says: “March is a really important month of the year for both new and used car sales.  Every franchise has a level of pressure to achieve targets, and the competition is more fierce than ever”.

The Perfect Time For A Sports Car Or Convertible

March is a great time to beat the rush on cars that may not have been a popular purchase during the Winter months. Since the weather isn’t exactly going to reach heatwave temperatures for the foreseeable future, the demand for convertibles and sports cars won’t have reached anywhere near its peak. Shop around now and you could negotiate a much better deal on a car that has struggled to sell or has not received many orders during the colder seasons. The number of convertibles and sports or even supercars that we have provided funding for here at Oracle Car Finance has definitely picked up over the past couple of weeks, a sign that people are already taking advantage of the lower Winter prices before they inevitably begin to rise as we get closer to Spring.

Get An SUV For A Great Price

On the flip side of convertible and sports car season beginning, dealers will be worried about having too many SUV’s and 4 wheel drives in stock as we move away from the wintery weather. Car dealers respond to supply and demand in the types of cars they have in stock and this is very much dependant on the seasons or popularity of certain types of vehicle. This means that they will not want to be sitting on the abundance of Winter stock that they may have left when it comes to the 1st of April.  The demand for SUV’s and 4×4’s will be falling away week on week as the weather improves, so now is the perfect time to enquire about that SUV they have in stock that you had been admiring all Winter.

Audi SQ8 e-tron
Image courtesy of Audi

Oracle Car Finance This March

Whether you are purchasing a new, pre-owned, classic or auction vehicle this March, our expert Account Managers use our panel of specialist lenders to help you to find the perfect package, bespoke to you and your circumstances. Our team are always on hand should you have any questions about arranging car finance and your dedicated Account Manager is ready to take your call today. Read more about our Car Finance products here: Our Car Finance Products

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