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Interesting Info 27 Apr 2016

F’s the Word as Chef Ramsay Sells Supercar

Many will use car finance to purchase the car of their dreams in the remainder of 2009 but celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, recently sold a supercar of his own, a Ferrari, to help get his restaurant industry back on track. Car finance deals are one of the best ways to secure a luxury vehicle.

According to a report from Auto Trader, Gordon Ramsay recently took the uncomfortable step of parting ways with his beloved Ferrari in order to help solidify the position of his restaurant empire. Using luxury car finance has become one of the most viable means of purchasing prestige cars today and the low interest rates at present mean that there really has been no better time to park that luxury car in your driveway. Whilst it may be too late to snap up the foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay’s Ferrari, there are still all sorts of luxury vehicles such as Porsches, Mercedes and Bentleys which can become a reality through prestige car finance deals. Gordon Ramsay is obviously no stranger to luxury vehicles having owned a myriad of Bentleys, Lamborghinis and Ferraris in the past. For anyone looking for a head-turning vehicle of their own, it is invariably the best idea to speak to car finance specialists who will make it possible to secure the keys to that dream vehicle.

Car Finance – Ramsay Dealing with the Loss

Obviously, most people would prefer to be buying a luxury vehicle like a Ferrari F430 but the Scottish chef, Gordon Ramsay, had to be on the other side of the fence when arranging the sale of his Ferrari. According to the report from Auto Trader, Ramsay had ploughed millions of pounds into his restaurants and claimed that he had tried to expand too much, too soon and this had left him with a financial shortfall which he endeavoured to resolve through the sale of his luxury Ferrari. It goes without saying that prestige vehicles like TVRs, Mercedes, Range Rovers and Lamborghinis are expensive but many find that with the right luxury car finance deal, they fall within their budgetary capabilities.

Seek Luxury Car Finance to Secure that Dream Car

There really is nothing quite like the sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing you have a luxury car in your garage and more and more Brits are turning to car finance arrangements to turn that dream into a reality. Car finance deals are simple to set up and will ordinarily offer amongst the most economically viable forms of making regular payments on a prestige vehicle. Regardless of whether it’s a Ferrari, Mercedes, Bentley or top of the range Audi that you’re after, a car finance arrangement may well be the best means of achieving it.

A Great Range Of Car Finance Plans From Oracle

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