Aston Martin Valkyrie
Interesting Info 22 Dec 2023

Funding Highlights of 2023

With over 4,300 cars funded in 2023 alone there are obviously going to be some stand out highlights that our Account Managers and Sales Support team would say were their favourite of the past year. At Oracle Finance we love hearing about our customers’ car buying journeys and the stories behind their latest purchases, especially when we hear it involves them being able to fund the cars of their dreams.

At the end of the year we like to take a look back at some of the highlights of the past 12 months, vehicles that might be a highlight due to their rarity or have a particularly interesting story. But perhaps also an opportunity for a surprising look into the variety and types of cars we fund on an annual basis too.


Some of the rarest vehicles and the ones that come with some of the most interesting stories along the way are the classic cars. At Oracle we love a classic car, from the passion that the owners have for them, to the interest that it generates amongst other automotive enthusiasts. From our Auction Car Finance products to our partnership with Iconic Auctioneers, we get to talk to customers about a wide range of classic cars. So many in fact that it is difficult to single out some of the exceptional examples of some very stunning cars, but there is definitely something for everyone.

The oldest car we funded this year was a rather unique 1948 Bentley MkVI, closely followed by a 1949 Bentley MkVI Sports Special, what are the odds. The iconic classic models we also funded include a 1960 Jaguar MkII, an Aston Martin DB4 from the same year, and a 1967 Aston Martin DB6. Classic Porsche models added to that list include an early 1968 Porsche 912, a stunning 1971 Porsche 911 and a unique 1987 Rennsport ‘restomod’ 911. Another classic car funded throughout 2023 that you may not expect, a 1977 Maserati Merak SS that had just undergone an extensive restoration project.


Some of the most talked about cars that we fund throughout the year are obviously the supercars. This year we funded more supercars than ever before, almost 300 in total, and the variety between them has been greater than ever. The supercar is an aspirational purchase, and many are the result of several years of dreaming of owning that particular car, or perhaps for some an addition to a collection of similar cars.

One of the most talked about cars we funded this year was without a doubt an exceptional Aston Martin Valkyrie. A journey for our customer over many years to acquire the car in the first place and for our Account Manager to secure funding for such a special vehicle. As extreme a road legal car as you can get, the Valkyrie was built without compromise and showed what is possible when the best engineers and designers from Formula One get their heads together to create an exceptional road car.

Think ‘supercar’ and most people will think of Ferrari. This year has seen us source funding for a plethora of Ferrari models, from a selection of 812 Superfast and GTS models, to the new 296 GTB. 2023 also saw our customers fund some rare and exciting models destined to be future classics including the exceptional 488 Pista and 458 Speciale. We also saw a great variety of interesting newer supercar models from the new McLaren Artura to the stunning Maserati MC20.

Aston Martin Valkyrie
Image courtesy of Aston Martin

Rare Modern Cars

Though the number of sports and supercar models that pass through the Oracle Finance offices are plentiful and varied, there are always some of the more rare and interesting models that catch your eye when you see a specific model enquiry come through. Whether these are brand new models that may be amongst one of the first in the country, or those that are quickly approaching future classic status due to their rarity or desirability.

Of the new model cars, it was great to see a number of the all-new Lotus Emira models, 8 in total, to be funded and collected by our customers. We also funded brand new models from Porsche including the 911 Dakar, a number of the GT3 and GT3 Touring and the 718 Cayman GT4 RS.

Rare cars funded throughout the year that aren’t necessarily that old just yet also included a few examples of both the new and old Honda NSX, one fast approaching future classic status and the other a rare sight especially on the roads. In a similar fashion we also sourced funding for a 2010 Mercedes-AMG SLS. With its gullwing doors, retro inspired styling, and the fact it was the first AMG model designed from the ground up in-house, surely its future classic status is assured for the future.

Porsche 911 Dakar
Image courtesy of Porsche


The number of SUV models on the market increase year after year and now make up over 40% of the cars that we funded throughout 2023. With the amount that are funded each year there are bound to be a select few that stand out from a very crowded marketplace and are considered to be a highlight amongst others.

Of those, the Lamborghini Urus is one of the most special SUV’s money can buy and amongst the 17 we funded this year included the exceptional Performante model. Raising the super-SUV bar even higher, the Performante would be considered the fastest SUV on the market, until another funding first for Oracle came in the shape of the all-new Lotus Eletre. With over 900bhp from its all-electric powertrain and the 0-62mph sprint possible in less than 3 seconds, the Eletre is an impressive model from the impressive Lotus offering.

One of the most eagerly awaited cars of the year, not just because deliveries had been put back a number of times, was the new pretender to the go-anywhere utilitarian crown, the Ineos Grenadier. In 2023 we funded 11 of the Ineos Grenadier models taking inspiration from the original Land Rover Defender in looks and capability and adding a touch of modernity through the addition of BMW engines and running gear.

Lotus Eletre
Image courtesy of Lotus

Future Classics

Predicting which cars will become future classics is one of the most difficult skills to master. Many people invest in vehicles that they think will appreciate in value only to find out that the demand just isn’t there, whilst others are unaware that the model, they are driving around in is a lot more valuable than they realise. Rarity and desirability are obviously a factor in determining future classic status, but also something that might be a bit quirky or have an interesting story to tell can also ensure its value is on the rise in the upcoming years.

Alfa Romeo may have a plentiful supply of iconic and classic models from yesteryear, but they also do a great job of designing some modern cars that certainly have the design and styling to ensure that they are very desirable vehicles. Cars we funded this year that certainly fit that criteria came in the form of both the Alfa Romeo 8C and the more recent 4C models.

For those looking for something more extreme and to get your pulse racing we also funded a rare and often forgotten Noble M12 GTO 3R. The stripped out performance minded Noble is the perfect track day or weekend vehicle to enjoy at your leisure, and offered blistering performance both in a straight line and around a track. Offering 350bhp and weighing just over 1,000kg, the Noble was famed for its handling and racing car abilities, and thanks to its rarity is sure to continue to be in demand by those in the know.

Noble M12 GTO-3R

One of the rarest modern-day cars we funded in the past year was a rather special version of the updated Ford GT. The modern incarnation of the Ford GT took more than just inspiration from the original 1960’s creation, and as such was just as performance minded and just as stunning in appearance. The car we sourced funding for was a limited-edition model offering even more performance and was built in such limited numbers that you’d be hard pushed to find another one. A great addition to any collection and a guaranteed future classic version of this stunning modern-day supercar.

For fans of exotic poster cars from the 90’s there weren’t many that could create a stir as much as the Lamborghini Diablo. A car that we had funded towards the very end of the year and one of a few that are in progress currently. A definite way to turn heads and a assured future classic due to its exotic styling and desirability amongst those who grew up in that power hungry era.

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