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Interesting Info 27 Apr 2015

Green Car tops Consumer Wish List

The climate is obviously of growing concern to people the world over so it is perhaps of little surprise that the Toyota Prius tops a wish list amongst consumers using car finance deals to purchase a new vehicle.

According to a report in What Car? Magazine, the Toyota Prius performed extremely well in a survey that aimed to establish which car topped the consumer wish list in the UK. With this in mind, the number of consumers who use a car finance deal to purchase a Prius in 2009 is set to increase exponentially. Car finance deals are a highly efficient means of purchasing a car and the numbers making use of the benefits of car finance proposals invariably increases year on year. 2009 is all set to be a big year for the car finance market and, according to the report in Which Car?, it is also set to be a big year for the Toyota Prius as more and more consumers are won over by the environmentally friendly elements of the car. It goes without saying that global warming and the state of the ozone layer is a pressing global concern which is why many consumers will opt for the green vehicle, Toyota Prius, when it comes to setting up a car finance deal over the next 12 months as more and more endeavour to do their bit for the environment.

Car Finance – Going Green

Obviously, a car finance deal can be arranged for any type of vehicle but, according to the report in Which Car?, it may well be the Toyota Prius that experiences the biggest uptake when it comes to car finance deals in 2009. Car finance deals help thousands of consumers each year to purchase the car that they desire and the fact that the Prius scored so highly in customer satisfaction surveys, it seems likely that many car finance arrangements over the next 12 months may have their eyes on the environmentally friendly vehicle. With this in mind, car finance expert, Paul Oakley, stated, With the current financial situation, car buyers are keen for any independent confirmation that their money will be well spent.

Car Finance – Finding the Right Car for the Right Person

The overriding aim of car finance proposals is to ensure that consumers are capable of getting the vehicle that they actually want and this is something that isn’t always possible without car finance plans. Thousands of consumers each year speak to car finance professionals about setting up an arrangement for the purchase of a veritable multitude of vehicles ranging from a child friendly estate car to a top of the range prestige vehicle such as a Bentley.

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