Car News 18 Sep 2019

Hyundai i30 N Project C, will we get it?

This is the hardcore Hyundai i30 N Project C.  But there’s just one disappointing thing about this car.  It isn’t coming to the UK… At least not yet.

Specifications for the i30N Performance for reference – the Project C stats have yet to be released

  • Bhp – 275
  • Top Speed – 155
  • 0-60 – 6.1
  • Torque – 260 ft-lb lb-ft

The already fantastic hot hatch has had an overhaul and it looks brilliant.  But it doesn’t just look the part, it’s managed to shed 50kg of weight from its already pretty light body (1,429kg).  The stealth matte grey looks truly epic when met with the splashes of carbon fibre on the diffuser, spoiler and street racing style carbon hood.  The small flairs of red on the brake callipers, side skirts and bumpers add a level of race-inspired aesthetics.

Hyundai shaved the 50kg from the i30 N by using the classy forged OZ wheels, these alone make it 22kg lighter.  Sabelt seats with carbon-reinforced plastic shells trim another 15kg.  7.2kgs are lost by swapping a metal bonnet for a carbon one.

There are some changes underneath the car too since the rear wheel hangers are now made from aluminium rather than steel to remove 4.66kg.  The stiffer suspension setup has also brought the car 6mm closer to the road to improve handling and lower the centre of gravity by 8.8mm.

These changes sound wonderful and make us really excited for the car to finally go on sale, but it’s just very sad that only 600 of these carbon hot hatches will be released worldwide, with 500 of them placed in Germany and the remaining 100 that scattered throughout other areas of Europe.

Thomas Schemera, the Hyundai project manager for the i30 N Project C has, however, stated that the UK will receive something similar.

Project C is all about reducing weight so there aren’t any changes to the powertrain.  The Project C is based on the i30 N equipped with the Performance Package, therefore it uses the higher specification of the turbocharged 2.0-litre engine.


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Image Credits: Top Gear