Hire Purchase Lease Purchase (HPLP) Explained
Interesting Info 27 Apr 2015

Living Life in the Fast Lane

Obviously, many people in the UK dream about living the millionaire lifestyle but thousands each year actually make this dream a reality through the use of prestige car finance. Acquiring a status car is now a straightforward procedure.

Prestige cars, from Jaguars to Bentleys, are sought after in the UK for all manner of reasons but chief amongst them is creating the illusion of living a jet-set lifestyle. For those looking to purchase a status car, one of the first considerations is invariably prestige car finance plans which provide the requisite funds for the purchase of a status vehicle and establish a feasible repayment plan which is carefully structured to be achievable for the individual in question. Whilst choosing which prestige car is right for you will obviously require much deliberation, it is good to know that you have the necessary finances in place when you have made your decision. This is why so many are expected to take advantage of prestige car finance deals in 2010 due to the numerous tangible benefits which can arise from the use of such schemes. Prestige car finance is unquestionably one of the most straightforward ways to arrange the necessary funds to purchase a status vehicle and this is something that thousands of consumers across the UK will see for themselves over the coming months.

Prestige Car Finance – Looking at the Popular Varieties of Prestige Cars

It goes without saying that choosing a prestige car will inevitably come down to personal preference but there are certain makes and models that often prove popular when it comes to prestige car finance deals. Just some of the most commonly purchased status cars on prestige car finance arrangements include:

  • Land Rover Sport – A formidable status car and one that proves very popular amongst those financing their purchase with a prestige car finance proposal. The Land Rover Sport is a powerful and impressive looking machine and one of the most well-liked status cars in the UK.
  • Jaguar XF – Jaguars are synonymous with style and elegance and it is little wonder that so many will use a prestige car finance plan to get the keys to one of these exceptional machines in 2009.
  • BMW Series 5 – Unquestionably one of BMWs finest entries to the prestige car market and a vehicle of unparalleled aesthetic excellence. For those looking to purchase a BMW Series 5, a prestige car finance proposal may well be the ideal solution.

Looking for Prestige Car Finance? Speak to Oracle Today

Here in the United Kingdom there is but one firm that has emerged as the leading company for arrangement of prestige car finance. The firm in question is Oracle Finance. With 20 years of experience in lending for prestige cars, Oracle has high calibre staff on hand to answer questions on the spot as you are shopping for the car of your dreams. There is no need to explain why you want a particular vehicle. The principles at Oracle Finance are completely familiar with high-end auto values. No information about your choice is required. Staff at Oracle Finance will share your enthusiasm in taking possession of a Jaguar or any status vehicle. To arrange for finance of better automobiles, please call Oracle Finance at 08450 944997 or please send an email to info@oraclefinance.com.