Hire Purchase (HP) Explained
Interesting Info 27 Apr 2016

Living your dream

Vehicle finance can help you to secure your dream car.

Whether your dream car is a Mini Cooper or an Aston Martin, vehicle finance can help you to make your dream a reality. Many of us have favourite cars, the “if only I could afford it” models. By looking carefully at vehicle finance, you could find a way to put that car in front of your home.

Tailored vehicle finance

When it comes to arranging vehicle finance, you may find that the basic packages dont suit your lifestyle or your needs. Todays vehicle finance is far more flexible than in previous years. This means that you can talk to a specialist adviser about your circumstances, the type of car you want to buy and what you can afford to pay. They can then help you to find vehicle finance products that fit the bill:

  • Vehicle finance payments – don’t want to be tied into an agreement for five years? Why not take out an agreement with a shorter term? If you can afford to pay a little bit more each month, a shorter term will give you more flexibility and give you ownership of the car in less time. If you don’t want to buy the car outright at the end of the term, talk to someone about exchanging it for a newer model.
  • Setting your sights high – good vehicle finance agreements allow you to buy better vehicles. Don’t just confine yourself to a basic model, take a look at the sportier version, or move to a better quality brand or model to get a better driving experience. If your car means more than just a mode of transport to you, check out the deals available on luxury ranges, which may be more affordable than you might expect.
  • Be a petrol-head – if you love cars, and you want to experience driving at its best, see how vehicle finance could let you drive a well-engineered, responsive and great-looking car. Once you know you have a finance agreement you can afford, you can really enjoy driving your new car and, as your contract comes to an end, you can start looking for the next driving experience and adjust your vehicle finance accordingly.

Vehicle finance from Oracle

Oracle Asset Finance is one of the leading providers of vehicle finance in the UK, with over 20 years of experience. Our aim is to find finance arrangements that work for you  giving you access to the make an model of car you want, with monthly payments you can afford. Find out more about us by browsing our website, fill in our online form for a quote, or call us  on 0800 012 6666 for professional help and advice.