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Oracle Finance’s Fantasy Car Garage

If you were given a budget of £500,000 to spend on luxury cars, how would you spend it? Would you splash out on some supercars or spread the cost? We tasked some of the Oracle Team with creating their fantasy car garage with a (fantasy) half a million pounds.

Arjan, Account Manager

Arjan is our office petrolhead. Ask him anything about cars and there’s a good chance he’ll give you an answer. He is always actively seeking out up-to-date industry knowledge and sharing it with his customers, so it’s no surprise that his fantasy car garage took seconds to come up with. It’s like he was waiting for us to ask the question!

Mercedes E63 AMG S Estate,

Used guide price: £75,750, Remaining Budget: £424,250

The five-door estate has a top speed of 186 mph and can get from 0 – 62mph in just 3.5 seconds. Arjan voted for this one as his ‘daily driver’ because it’s “the most well-rounded performance family car available in the current market”. So, if you’re always running late for the school run, maybe you should add this one to your fantasy garage too.

Car Garage
Image: Mercedes-Benz

Nissan Skyline GTR R33,

Used guide price: £55,000, Remaining Budget: £369,250

Described by Arjan as a “90’s kid hero car” for its feature in the “best PlayStation game of the era”, Gran Tourismo ‘97. The nostalgic value is what got this car into the Oracle garage. Is there a car from your childhood that you’d love to own?

Car garage

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Used guide price: £329,995, Remaining Budget: £39,255

It’s likely that we don’t even need to explain why the Ferrari 458 Speciale made it to this list. If it’s not for its top speed of 202mph, it’s for its race inspired design. “The 458 Speciale is possibly one of the best cars of the decade”.

Car Garage

Ariel Atom Supercharged

Used guide price: £39,995, Remaining Budget: (-£740)

Although this one has taken him over budget, it seems completely worth it. “This one is from experience. Several passenger laps at Oulton Park makes you rethink what ‘quick’ is.”

Car Garage

Oliver, Senior Account Manager

Oliver has been with Oracle for nine years, so he has plenty of experience of providing knowledge and expertise to help his customers fund their dream cars. But when it comes to his dream cars, he’s spread the cost wisely. Oliver has managed to get seven cars in his fantasy garage, and all within budget.

Mercedes-Benz SLS Coupe

Used guide price: £139,990, Remaining budget: £360,010

The modern classic sports “jaw dropping looks & impeccable road manners”, not to forget the Gullwing doors. The SLS Coupe has 563bhp and a top speed of 197mph. It’s no surprise that Oliver wants this in his garage.

TVR Griffith 500

Used guide price: £29,995, Remaining budget: £330,010

Chosen for a fun drive with the top down, this “British classic” is a staple in Oliver’s garage. It has a top speed of 158mph, so make sure you hold on to your hat.

Car Garage
Image: Evo

Land Rover Discovery

Used guide price: £74,000, Remaining budget: £256,015

This 2019 blue Discovery has made it into the garage as Oliver’s ‘daily driver’. With seven seats, there’s room for everyone.

Car Garage

Audi SQ5

Used guide price: £53,040, Remaining budget: £202,975

The SQ5 was rated 4/5 on AutoCar and was branded as a “fantastic car that’s fast off the line and in-gear”. Although it’s gained a super-SUV reputation, the SQ5 “still rides extremely comfortably”. Oliver took 13% out of his budget to get the SQ5 in his garage for his wife, what a gent!

Ferrari 458 Italia

Used guide price: £120,000, Remaining budget: £82,975

Another vote for a 458 because you’ve got to have a Ferrari” – need we say more?

Car Garage

Renault Clio V6

Used guide price: £59,000, Remaining Budget: £23,975

Every car fan needs a hot hatch in their garage, and to Oliver, this Renault Clio V6 is the “best ever”. Jalopnik recently took one for a test drive and described it as “unusual, cool, a bit scary, and very French, all at once”.

Land Rover Defender 110

Used guide price: £16,000, Remaining budget: £7,995

The ultimate utility vehicle hosts a loading weight of nearly 2000kg and still has to opportunity to look luxe in spec. Oliver has opted for the Defender at a used price, leaving budget for two more cars…

Car Garage

Jonny, Marketing Executive

Jonny joined us earlier this year and is the best person to chat to if you’re as into Formula 1 as he is. With that in mind, Jonny’s garage is well equipped with fast cars.

Range Rover Sport SVR

Used guide price: £65,000, Remaining budget: £435,000

This Range Rover Sport makes 3/3 votes for a Range Rover as a daily driver. The Sport SVR however, is arguably the better choice. It has all the creature comforts of your usual Range Rover, but a 5.0L engine and a top speed of 176mph. It can get you from 0 to 62mph in 4.5 seconds. It’s a no brainer!

Image: Land Rover

Lamborghini Aventador

Used guide price: £200,000, Remaining budget: £235,000

Lamborghini has set a new bar for supercars, so you should “forget the idea of the performance you are used to”. It represents “a combination of exclusivity and high-tech luxury”, completed with a hand-finished interior and an innovative body.

Aston Martin DB11

Used guide price: £120,000, Remaining budget: £115,000

The two-door convertible is a perfect mixture of British luxury and supercar innovatory. It sports a top speed of 187mph and a 4.0L 503bhp engine.

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Used guide price: £125,000, Remaining budget: -£10,000

Jonny maxed out his budget by £10k for the Ferrari 599. But with a top speed of 205mph, we don’t necessarily blame him. Maybe he can borrow some of Oliver’s budget?

What would be in your luxury garage? Get in touch and let us know!

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