Car News 29 Aug 2019

The all new family supercar – Audi RS6

The Audi RS6 has always been the go-to estate car if you want a perfect blend of ruthless behaviour along with comfort, quality and style.
But now, the RS6 is basically a family supercar! They keep making the RS6 even better.  Audi has fixed something that was never broken.
  • Bhp – 592
  • Top Speed – 190
  • 0-60 – 3.6
  • Torque – 590 lb-ft

Butch, ballistic and beefy.  Beefy doesn’t cut it actually, it’s 80mm wider than its predecessor. A proper, proper beast of a car. Audi has redesigned the sports styling package and the RS6 is the first new Audi model to wear its attire. It’s fair to say this car is the most bad boy wagon on the road. If Predator could build his dream car, this is probably what he’d drive. The black, grey and red styling on this hunk would also happily suit Darth Vader.

The front of this car is so evil and menacing! Those matrix LED lights that squint and stare combined with the absurd grille gives the Star Destroyer a run for its money.  It’s not just an awesome looking creature; it is more powerful than its older generation too. You get an extra 40 stampeding horses and 73 more lb-ft of torque.

The all new family supercar - Audi RS6
Sporty and spacious, what more could you want?

The odd-looking diffuser at the rear has such a unique shape, there isn’t really any other family car with such an outlandish rear. The only cars with rears like this are mad hypercars such as the Bugatti Chiron and the McLaren P1.

It comes with 21” wheels as standard but you have the option to include some mega 22” ones. The brakes are gigantic with enough stopping power to halt this monster. Audi has said this car will come with adaptive air suspension and two configurable RS buttons to play with, allowing you to have two modes to your liking. We’d suggest having one as a ruthless bloodthirsty setting and one for your more casual day to day driving.

The mean Audi RS6 rear
A rear that puts supercars to shame

Interior quality and space are what you’d expect from Audi. We bet Vader would be able to get himself in here and still have room for another four Stormtroopers.  Want to thrill your passengers? Put this two-tonne titan into launch mode and you’ll be at 60 in 3.6 seconds dead.

Audi RS6 Front Face
The RS6 has gaping vents to allow the crazy V8 to eat air for breakfast.

This car has so much character, road presence and sheer capability that it comes into its own class as a family supercar.

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Image credits: Sunday Times Driving