Variable Rate Lease Purchase Explained
Interesting Info 27 Apr 2016

Treat Yourself To That New Car

If you’ve always fancied the idea of owning that brand new luxury car, there is no need to hold back any longer. With great deals on car finance, you can own the car of your dreams.

Perhaps you’ve had a few problems recently and feel a bit demotivated and demoralised. Often, the daily stresses in life are attributed to work, so it can be hard trying to distance yourself from it all. For many men and women, a pick-me-up is the answer, and there is nothing more satisfactory than being able to buy a new car. You might think you can’t afford that dream car you’ve always wanted, but with car finance, you can pay a small deposit and spread the cost. Now you can have a luxury pick-me-up at an affordable price!

Car Finance – Take Advantage

Everyone needs a treat every now and again, and even if you dont want to buy a new car, there is no reason why you cant pick up a nearly new vehicle at a great price. There are still many people in the UK applying for car finance and being pleasantly surprised that they can get a great deal on the car that they want. Take advantage of the current market conditions and see what deal you can get on that car you’ve always wanted.

Car Finance – Your Car Is On The Way Out

Maybe youre looking for a new car to replace that old one you’ve had for years and years. You know it’s on it’s way out, but you continue to hang on to it because you just dont have the spare cash to spend on a new car. If this sounds like you then it’s a great time to get car finance and buy a new car  you might be surprised at just how little it can cost you in repayments.

Car Finance – Is Your Car Going To Pass Its MOT?

Perhaps you know that your current old car isn’t going to pass its next MOT. This is the time when many people decide to treat themselves to a new car, because they know that their current vehicle really isnt going to last any longer. Plus, if it’s going to be more cost-effective in the long run to buy a new car than it is to spend lots of money replacing the parts on your old one, there is only one logical solution. Buy a new car today and save money. With car finance, the easy, manageable repayments mean you can finally have that dream car youve always wanted.

Searching for Car Finance? Call Oracle Finance

Here at Oracle Finance, we are a leading provider of car finance and with 20 years experience in arranging finance for luxury vehicles, it is easy to see why we are the number one choice for people looking to buy that dream car. Our staff are highly trained and efficient in the world of cars, so give us a call today to see what we can do for you. Tel: 0800 012 6666 or email us at ,