Interesting Info 27 Apr 2016

What are some questions our customers ask us?

Vehicle finance doesnt have to be complex. These frequently asked questions about using car finance to fund your dream wheels will clarify it for you.

Some people may feel put off from purchasing their dream wheels because of either the cost, or they are confused by vehicle finance arrangements. These questions will clear up any confusion, and show just how simple it is to use vehicle finance to pay for a prestige car over a period of time.

Vehicle Finance – What Cars can I Buy?

Anything you like! A specialist in financing luxury cars will help you set up the perfect vehicle finance plan for any make or model, from a classic Bentley to a sexy Lamborghini. They can even use their contacts to help you track down your dream car if you are having trouble finding it. With specialist luxury vehicle finance, the car of your fantasies could soon be sitting in your garage.

Vehicle Finance – How much will the deposit be?

The beauty of vehicle finance plans is that you get to choose the amount of deposit on your car. Usually this is between 10% – 50% of the full price. If you pay more upfront as a deposit, it means that your monthly vehicle finance payments will be lower, and you will be able to pay it off more quickly. If you want to hold on to your personal or business assets and pay a smaller deposit, then you can simply pay more each month, or pay off your vehicle finance deal over a longer period of time.

Vehicle Finance – How long will it take to pay off?

The length of repayment time on a vehicle finance arrangement is up to you. Naturally the shorter the time, the more the payments will be. Decide what a reasonable monthly amount would be for you, and ask your specialist funder to work out how many months you will need to pay this for.

Vehicle Finance – What options do I have?

You can choose your payment plan type, from hire purchase vehicle finance plans  with or without a balloon payment  to a balanced payment plan. Speak to your vehicle finance funder to get all the information you need on these different options, so you can get the plan that best suits you.

Vehicle Finance – Will I actually own the car?

Yes, as soon as your deposit is paid you will gain ownership of the car, provided you maintain your monthly payments. One of the benefits of a vehicle finance plan is that the car can immediately be added to your assets, without you needing to pay for the full price upfront.

Vehicle Finance – How long will it take to get the finance approved?

You should normally receive approval within 24 hours of making your application for vehicle finance, provided there are no problems with your credit reference and the contact details you supplied.

Looking for vehicle finance? Speak to Oracle Finance.

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