Porsche 930 Turbo
Interesting Info 19 Mar 2024

Your Dream Car Or A Luxury EV?

One of the most frequently discussed factors about electric cars other than the range, the public charging network and the performance, is the cost. Whether it is the complexity, the technology or the price of the batteries themselves, electric cars are on average considerably more expensive than their petrol, or even hybrid, equivalents. Whilst many drivers are put off by the fact that electric car motoring just isn’t for them and are going to take some convincing until they give up their combustion vehicles, for others it is simply justifying the price of buying a new electric car.

A quick glance at articles such as Autocar’s ‘Top 10 Best Luxury Electric Cars 2024’ shows that the average price of the base examples for the models mentioned, before any optional extras or higher specification cars are even considered, comes out at over £80,000. Some are even considerably more than £100,000. Whilst combustion cars are also getting more expensive these days, spending £80,000 on a car that you are not even sure about or aren’t that keen on owning in the first place seems a bit of a gamble. Especially when you consider the current depreciation that the majority of electric cars are currently seeing.

So, rather than spending £80,000 on an electric car that you probably don’t want, what about spending that money on something that you have always wanted instead. With the winter weather seemingly retreating and the spring sunshine making a few appearances already, is it time to start shopping for that classic or sporty car that you’ve always had your eye on? We have put together a list of 8 Classic and Sports Cars that you can buy for the same price as the average cost of a luxury electric car.

Porsche 911 Turbo (930)

A staple in the majority of people’s wish lists is a vintage Porsche 911. One of the rare classic cars that realistically you could potentially use every day and it would start first time and without many issues. Whilst the older and rarer of the 911 models may be out of reach for your £80,000, a highly sought after model is the original Turbo from the 1980’s.

Your Dream Car Or A Luxury EV? - Porsche 930 Turbo
Image courtesy of Iconic Auctioneers

The Porsche 930 was the brand’s first turbocharged model and the beginning of one of the most iconic badges. No matter the age of the 911, if it has the word ‘Turbo’ on the back it instantly becomes one of the most desirable models in the line-up. The 930 Turbo was instantly recognisable with its wider bodywork and ‘whale tail’ rear spoiler with a considerable power increase thanks to that turbocharged engine that by the 1980’s was now 3.3-litres in size and producing 300bhp. The high power and low weight combined with rear wheel drive and rear engine layout of the car meant that the 930 Turbo became infamous for its oversteer-prone handling characteristics, however in the hands of a skilled driver the performance was more than a match for its rivals.

It may be at the top of your £80,000 budget but it would be well worth shopping around to find an example at around that price range. A quick online search saw a couple of cars on classic specific websites at around the £80k mark, and a lot more at even higher prices, showing the demand and the direction at which current 930 prices are going. Could now be the perfect time to pick up one of the most desirable Porsche models around? I’m sure the glances you get when driving one would definitely say so.

Jaguar XK120 SE

The Jaguar E-Type may be the obvious choice when it comes to classic convertible motoring, but why not defy convention and find something a bit rarer and more exclusive for your £80,000. For that price you can pick up that cars predecessor and what was once the fastest production car in the world, the Jaguar XK 120. Not just that, but also one of the most stylish and beautiful cars you can buy that is actually fun to drive despite its apparent primitive mechanicals.

Your Dream Car Or A Luxury EV? - Jaguar XK120 SE
Image courtesy of Iconic Auctioneers

It may be over 75 years since the first examples of the XK120 were built, but it was revolutionary when it was launched, and it is that ingenuity that ensures it remains a fantastic sports car even today. It was the first car capable of taking its passengers over 120mph, hence the ‘120’ part of its name, and its stunning flowing bodywork was drawn up by company co-founder and lead designer William Lyons in just 4 weeks.

As elegant now as it ever was, in roadster or fixed head coupe form, the XK120 is the ultimate in vintage open-top (or closed sports car) driving and would put a smile on anyone’s face on a British summer’s day along a twisty B-road. A low mileage example in great condition, even in better equipped ‘SE’ trim, can be yours for around £80,000 and would guarantee head turning elegance from a bygone era.

Morgan Plus 4

If vintage looks are certainly your thing but you cannot do without a degree of modern technology and reliability, Morgan definitely have your back. The recipe for what we recognise as a Morgan sports car today has changed little in almost 90 years, the design for their steel chassis was actually produced right up until 2020, making it the longest running production car architecture in the world.

Your Dream Car Or A Luxury EV? - Morgan Plus 4
Image courtesy of the Morgan Motor Company

Although the looks may not have changed much in that time, the technology and equipment on offer certainly has these days. Your traditional roadster appearance and vintage styling is now coupled with the option for digital dashboards, stability control, heated seats and even air conditioning. Not only that but they also now come with thoroughly modern turbocharged BMW engines and the option for automatic gearboxes for up to date performance, emissions and dynamics.

Despite the modern overhaul, the roots of the company remain the same and the skilled craftsmen and their use of traditional materials are abundant in their hand-crafted creations. For your same £80,000 as the average luxury electric car price, one of the very latest Morgan models is well within budget and would be the perfect vehicle for those wanting to hark back to the days of the traditional roadster experience, but with the convenience and reliability of today’s modern machines.

Ferrari F355

As mentioned just last week in our blog post ’30 Years Ago Today…’ the Ferrari F355 was launched at March’s Geneva Motor Show way back in 1994 and is one of the most pivotal models in the brand’s history. At a time when their road cars were in a bit of a lull, the F355 came along and showed the world that the prancing horse could still produce the most desirable supercars that can also perform with the very best.

Ferrari F355
Image courtesy of Ferrari

With stunning looks honed by many hours in the wind tunnel, the F355 had performance to match and utilised Formula 1 technology and a naturally aspirated 3.5-litre V8 engine to define new levels of power yet improved usability. The model was a huge sales success and was their best-selling car of all time when the 4-year production run ended in 1998.

Despite its popularity and desirability, the fact that so many examples sold (over 11,000) and that it is only just 30 years old, the F355 could potentially be a great first avenue into Ferrari ownership. With £80,000 to spend, a late year reasonable mileage great condition example is easily achievable and there should be a fair amount to choose from. Being a Ferrari, maintenance is obviously key to the quality and standard of each car, however, the accessible performance means that they are much more usable than most. A quick search on online sales site carandclassic.com at time of writing showed 15 UK examples currently listed with two thirds within budget.

Jensen Interceptor FF

The Jensen Interceptor is a British motoring institution. Styled in Italy with big American V8 engines and hand-assembled in Britain, the Interceptor oozed late 1960’s and early 1970’s style and provided the perfect powerful grand touring experience when it was the height of fashion. Plus, it came with one of the coolest names ever fitted to any car – Interceptor.

Jensen Interceptor FF
Image courtesy of Iconic Auctioneers

Each version improved the recipe even further with the FF being the most technically advanced and most sought-after model of them all, as well as a 50% price increase. For its time it was very sophisticated with anti-lock brakes, traction control and was reportedly the first all-wheel drive system fitted to a road-going car. The American V8 engines came from Chrysler and ranged from 6.3-litres upon launch to 7.2-litres and a power delivery of 385bhp.

Though financial restraints and the supply of available parts eventually brought an end to the Interceptor’s production, in total just over 6,400 cars were built over a 10-year period. The car has always remained a desirable part of British motoring history and as such remains one of those classics that everyone would love to own. Though a low mileage immaculate example can command £100,000 these days, a very good one can easily be bought for the £80,000 budget available. Popular website carandclassic.com at time of writing actually had 27 cars available, with just 6 exceeding the price limit.

Aston Martin DBS

One of the most iconic badges in the long history of Aston Martin models is the DBS naming. Originally introduced as the successor to the iconic DB6 in the mid-1960’s, by the time it was resurrected in 2007 it became the flagship of the range and sat above the popular DB9. With the DB9 as its base, the first model to be built at their Gaydon facility, the DBS was praised as enhancing every part of the already well considered DB9 to create a fantastic overall package.

Aston Martin DBS
Image courtesy of Iconic Auctioneers

The car also had the privilege of being shown off pre-production as Daniel Craig’s first Bond car in Casino Royale, returning again two years later for Quantum of Solace, and brought the synergy between the two brands bang up to date. As far as product placement goes the partnership does wonders for the luxury car maker and ensures we all want to imagine we could be as sophisticated as James Bond if we were ever to own one.

Effortlessly stylish, as Aston Martin’s usually are, and with over 500bhp coming from a 5.9-litre V12 engine, the DBS is as desirable today as it ever has been, especially when the convertible ‘Volante’ is also available. The sound that it produces is something you are never going to experience with an electric vehicle, and once you’ve heard it you will never get bored of hearing it. Whilst many examples currently on sale at time of writing are up to £100,000, there are a few that are currently around the £80,000 budget and just below, even a more sought after ‘Carbon Black’ edition.

Ford Mustang Fastback

After 7 generations and 60 years of production, the Ford Mustang remains one of the most iconic models of all time. The popularity and affordability of the car has meant that it has been a sales phenomenon for the brand, one million were sold within the first two years of its launch whilst in 2018 Ford celebrated producing car number 10 million. It was such a sales success that rivals scrambled to produce an alternative which gave birth to cars such as the Chevrolet Camaro, the Pontiac Firebird, AMC Javelin, Dodge Challenger and Plymouth Baracuda.

Ford Mustang Fastback
Image courtesy of Iconic Auctioneers

Though the car has evolved and been regenerated over its lifetime, it is the original models that understandably remain the most sought after and in demand amongst car enthusiasts. From early ‘Fastback’ models and convertibles to the modified Shelby and GT models that have become so iconic, and even become movie stars in their own rights, the Mustang is as legendary as they come.

Early examples from the mid 1960’s in immaculate condition with low miles can commonly command up to £100,000, however the huge sales figures mean the number of classic Mustang models on sale is usually plentiful in supply. £80,000 would allow you to purchase an example in fantastic condition and with very reasonable mileage, even right down to sub-£50,000 and you can still find some great condition vehicles. Later models such as a ‘Mach 1’ or ‘Boss’ performance aimed variant are also possible if you are prepared to wait for the right one for your tastes to come along.

BMW M3 CSL (E46)

As far as performance versions of ‘regular’ production cars go, those enhanced by BMW’s M Performance division are considered some of the very best in the business. An ‘M’ car symbolises the ultimate version of the ‘ultimate driving machine’ and one that usually all other performance rivals are measured against such is their high regard.

BMW M3 CSL (E46)
Image courtesy of Iconic Auctioneers

In 2004 they decided to up their game even further with their mid-sized saloon, the M3, and produce a lightweight version intended to create the definitive touring car for the road, the CSL. Revisions to bodywork, structural elements and components they felt you could do without like air conditioning and a radio meant that the CSL was 110kg lighter than the regular M3. It also had semi-slick tyres to ensure maximum grip and larger and more effective disc brakes, uprated suspension, quicker steering and a retuned ‘M Mode’ for the stability control system.

The E46 BMW M3 CSL has remained one of the most sought-after variations in the long line of performance 3-series saloons that BMW have produced. The car was considered the perfect blend of weight saving, handling improvements, an increase in power and driving feel enhancement. As such, the price of CSL’s has risen quite significantly in recent years and a reasonable mileage example can be found for around £80,000. However, with just 1,383 cars built in total and only around 150 currently registered on UK roads, you may have to wait around to find that perfect example you are looking for. At time of writing there were just 2 examples for sale on popular website Auto Trader within budget and just 2 others that were listed at over £100,000.


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