Mercedes-Benz Vegan-friendly cars
Car News 1 Nov 2019

3 of the most vegan-friendly cars

To recognise National Vegan Day on 1st November, we’ve researched the top three (most) vegan-friendly cars. Although a completely cruelty-free spec isn’t available yet, some of the biggest manufacturers are well on their way to creating a luxury alternative for the conscious buyer.

Vegan-friendly cars would require manufacturers to not only consider faux-leather spec options but also screens and tyres. It’s thought that some entertainment systems contain “liquid crystals that may be based on cholesterol taken from animals”.

Range Rover Velar

Vegan-friendly Cars Range Rover Velar
Range Rover Velar

The five-door-SUV offers a ‘Premium Textile’ option which includes wool* and artificial suede seats, faux-leather across the dashboard and an artificial suede steering wheel. *Wool isn’t traditionally vegan-friendly so the Premium Textile spec would have to depend on your views!


Mercedes-Benz Vegan-friendly cars
Image: Mercedes-Benz

According to PETA, a Mercedes-Benz representative confirmed that “the Vision EQS concept car will be leather-free, steering wheel included.” The leather-alternative will be made of recycled plastic which according to PETA, “would otherwise likely eventually end up in the ocean”.

However, a variety of Mercedes are available with cruelty-free seats: including the AMG C63 Sedan and Coupe.

BMW i3

BMW i3
BMW i3

Described by TopGear as “the best small premium EV you can buy”, the i3 has a top speed of 93mph. The standard model i3 does come with a leather-trimmed steering wheel but can be deleted on request. If you’re looking to buy a used i3, plastic steering wheels can be ordered and “retro-fitted”.

Would you choose one of these vegan-friendly cars? Get in touch and let us know what you’d go for.

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