The Lamborghini Huracan Spyder outside our Knaresborough offices
Oracle News 26 Mar 2024

Going The Extra Mile To Fund Your Dreams

Whilst every vehicle that we fund is an exciting time for both us and our customers, now and again we get to make dreams become reality by going that extra mile to ensure a potentially complex finance arrangement is made possible. Late last week, we were able to do just that for one of our customers.

After shopping around for a while to try find the perfect supercar, our customer found the ideal vehicle had just been listed for sale by a private seller. The car in question was a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, finished in the special-order colour Viola SE30, a shade made famous by the Lamborghini Diablo SE of the mid 1990’s. Not just that, but a car featuring brake callipers and the interior stitching in the same iconic colour. This rare specification was just what he was looking for.

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

With the car only being listed for sale on Wednesday, our customer knew he had to move fast, or he could risk missing out on such a unique car. The Huracan Spyder is already a desirable car, however, with such an exclusive specification it would surely attract a lot of interest. After liaising with his Oracle Account Manager Ollie, over the past few months, all the necessary information had been in place for some time, we were just waiting for that perfect car to be available, and this was it.

Account Manager Ollie got the call from his customer on Friday morning giving him the go ahead that he wanted to purchase the car and asked the question of how quickly the necessary arrangements could be completed. A private sale finance package sorted and paid out within the same day? Quite a task, but challenge accepted.

With the physical car found, and with the relevant information provided by both our customer and the seller regarding the vehicle we were able to provide the lender with the specific information they needed to ensure that their necessary checks, valuations, and the funding arrangements could be put in place as quickly as possible. Our unique relationships with our lenders at Director level meant that we could ensure that side of things were approved without a hitch.

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder bonnet

With our own internal compliance requirements and necessary vehicle documents needing to be reviewed, and with our customer living at one end of the country and the seller living at the other, logistically this would usually present a bit of a challenge. However, with the ability to complete these both electronically and on site, the distance factor to get the finance arrangement underway was not an issue.

To ensure everything went smoothly and could be completed within the same day the seller and our customer agreed to meet at our offices in North Yorkshire to complete the final stages which also meant we were lucky enough to see this beautiful car for ourselves and meet them both in person. This not only meant that we could ensure that efficiency and accuracy was a priority, but also allowed us to guarantee that any issues or delays would be removed from the process.

It may have taken a lot of arranging and liaising with multiple parties to make sure things fell into place as quickly as they could, but that is why we like the challenge to see what we can make possible for our customers. For this customer, it represented the opportunity to fulfil his aspiration to purchase a rare supercar and for Team Oracle, the satisfaction of making those dreams come true once again for one of our customers.

The Lamborghini Huracan Spyder outside our Knaresborough offices

None of this could have been possible without both the customer and seller being on board and the operations of a well-oiled machine as well as efficient and effective processes being in place. A streamlined process and swift collaboration from Account Manager Ollie, Sales Support Nadine, in-house Compliance Officer Emma, and Group Accounts Coordinator Marie, as well as the help and support of many other team members, ensured that everything fell into place as and when it needed to.

This customer also swiftly left a glowing 5 star review: “Well where to start to say this company is phenomenal is an understatement I found a Lamborghini on Friday morning by 5 pm that night the company had funded the car and I was driving it. This company is exceptional with staff that care for there customers. I have been in contact with this company for 3 months finding a car. We finally did it and it was turned around in a day !! Ollie well done u legend see you on the next car (svj).” 

We would like to thank not only our customer for choosing Oracle Car Finance to fund their stunning new supercar, but also the cooperation of all parties involved to enable us to arrange another finance package so swiftly. Without the liaising of all parties as well as the clockwork operation of Team Oracle, none of this would have been possible. We wish our customer many happy miles in his new car.

Oracle Supercar Finance

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