Oracle Finance Celebrates Funding £2billion
Oracle News 25 Jun 2024

Oracle Finance Celebrates Funding £2billion!

This June was a time for celebrations in the Oracle Car Finance offices as we passed a major milestone; over £2billion of vehicle funding for our customers! Not only that, but it has been less than 5 years since we passed the first £1billion, so a huge achievement in such a short space of time.

Whilst it isn’t all about the money for us, it is proof of the dedication, hard work and efficiency of our staff and our processes, and the fact we go the extra mile to help our customers with their funding journey time and time again. Seeing the many real customer reviews come in day after day makes us feel extremely proud to be helping so many people fund the cars of their dreams and continue to provide the first-class service that we set out to provide all those years ago.

Despite passing such a landmark figure, we continue to have ambitious plans for the brand and are already looking towards achieving the next £billion for our customers as we look to not only expand our staff numbers, but the reaches and locations of our business’ offerings. We can’t wait to get stuck in to the next stage in the Oracle Car Finance story, and look forward to sharing it with our customers, both new and those we have helped with their funding for many years.


Oracle Finance Celebrates Funding £2billion

What The Milestone Means For Oracle Finance

Managing Director and company founder Peter Brook said:

“What began with two individuals meeting each other and combining their skills to find a different way of delivering car finance, became the UK’s number one funder for prestige, sports and classic cars. Oracle has always had an absolute key focus on customer service from day one. It’s all about longevity, not just trying to get an agreement for today. With that attitude, we still deal with customers from that first year”.

It’s hard to imagine this success without the passion and dedication of Team Oracle. With over 110,000 clients now on our database, we ensure that every customer is treated like a VIP. On average, we fund around three Land Rover products a day, and almost 12 Porsches a week (based on 2023 data) as a result of the hard work and efficiency from the Oracle Finance staff. “The team we have here are very special. They have a fantastic bond with our customers who have so much trust in them. Customers see our team as their right arm for buying cars, with expertise ensuring we will always have the right answer”.

“£2billion is just one of the milestones along the way that defines how successful we’ve been, but, more importantly, it represents the significant number of happy customers we have. We now have a loyal client base that wouldn’t even think about getting finance elsewhere. That to me is a much bigger milestone”.

Oracle Finance Celebrates Funding £2billion! - Oracle Finance building 2024 Blossom Tree

What Could £2billion Buy You?

So, whilst £2billion sounds like a lot of money, and it certainly is, what does that mean in car terms that we can all understand?

£2billion would be enough to buy all of the Bugatti Chirons ever made (500 at a cost of £2.5m each) and still have enough money to also buy all of the Bugatti Veyrons ever made (450 at an original list price of £1m each) and then still have £300million change left over to build a big enough garage to put them all in.

Oracle Finance Celebrates Funding £2billion! - Bugatti Line Up
Image courtesy of Bugatti

£2billion would buy 16,167 brand new Range Rover Autobiography’s with a list price of £123,705. Then if we were to stack them on top of each other it would be over 30km high, that’s almost 3 and a half times the height of Mount Everest and over 36 times the height of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

£2billion would be enough to buy 15,083 of the new hybrid 992 Porsche 911 GTS’s. Which at 4.553m in length, if they were placed end to end the line would be over 68km long and stretch from our headquarters in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire to Sheffield, or the outskirts of Manchester, Blackburn, Middlesborough, Beverley or almost to Hull.

Oracle Car Finance

With over 2,300 Trustpilot reviews, as four-time consecutive award winners of the Best Specialist Car Finance Provider award from 2020 onwards, and having funded over £2 billion of vehicles and counting, you too can find out why thousands of people trust us time and time again to find a smarter, tailored funding solution when looking for your next dream car.

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