Car News 10 Oct 2019

8 of the most unusual items sold by car brands

It’s not just about driving; it’s a complete lifestyle

Have you ever bought merchandise? Maybe you took a trip and came back with memorabilia or you have a stash of band t-shirts in your bottom drawer.  It’s a revenue stream that an abundance of businesses rely on, but in the luxury car industry, it goes way further than caps and sweatshirts.

There’ll always be a market for toy Audi R8’s or Ferrari branded car seats – but we’ve dug a little deeper and found 8 of the most unusual lifestyle items on the market today.

With Christmas only a matter of months away, Porsche ice cube tray anyone?

BMW i coffee maker by Stelton, £65

Spoiler, it’s dishwasher-proof!

The Scandi-style coffee press flaunts “minimalist” features and a laser-cut BMW i logo.

Montblanc for BMW Ink, £15

Quills at the ready!

This is a Montblanc customisation exclusive to the German manufacturer and is of course in trademark BMW Blue.

Porsche Ice Cube Tray, £13

Whiskey on ice has been re-energised.

The silicone tray leaves you with perfectly 911-shaped ice cubes, but according to Porsche, the tray also makes excellent chocolates.

Mercedes-Benz Dog Snack Bag, £102

Designer doggie treats

Made from Saffiano leather and canvas, the snack bag offers room for snacks and polybags. Mercedes-Benz, by MiaCara could have you kitted out with everything from the dog bed to the collar and have even designed a range of puppy-wear for a man’s best friend.

BMW Active mat £30

A yoga mat to match your car is essential

The two-toned exercise mat comes with a carrying strap and a “soft surface with integrated reinforcement”. Matching activewear is also available.

Audi Red Children’s Snow Sledge, £37

Sledge into Christmas

Fitted with two ergonomic handles and a shaped seat with engraved Audi rings on the front, its a sledge you’d be proud to have in your boot.

Mercedes-Benz Nodding Dog, £28

Move over Churchill! You’ve got competition.

This kitsch addition to the parcel shelf is a sure showstopper. We can’t decide whether that’s because of the distinct look or the logo collar. The accessory retails for £28, but never mind the price – how can you say no to that face?

Porsche Shisha 2.1, £1,350

Offering an “exclusive smoking experience”

Made up of a combination of solid, hand-blown glass and brushed aluminium, the shisha creates “an exciting, ahead of its time look”. We’ve seen the future, and it’s full of Porsche Shisha 2.1.

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