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Car News 11 Jan 2024

New Cars To Look Out For In 2024 – Part 2

Following on from PART 1 of our roundup of the New Cars To Look Out For In 2024 we have put together a Part 2 due to the volume of cars being released this year. Amongst the many makes and models there were far too many to list them all, but we compiled our list based upon the most popular models our customers fund each year.

Take a look at Part 2 of the more notable vehicles that will be available over the next 12 months:

Mercedes Benz EQG

Image courtesy of Mercedes Benz

One of the most eagerly awaited SUV’s for 2024 is the electric version of the iconic G-Wagon. The iconic AMG soundtrack might not be around for too much longer, but that doesn’t mean the speed and power has to disappear. With a blend of retro styling, utilitarian looks and abilities and the upmost in luxury and technology, the G-Class has always been at odds to a conventional luxury SUV.

The power and performance of the G-Class are likely to be even further enhanced by the introduction of electric power, whilst those who have seen the prototype performing a ‘tank-turn’ on social media will not doubt the improvements of an already capable vehicle.

Not content with an all-electric version of the G-Class, Mercedes have a plethora of AMG models for 2024 that are to receive mild or full Hybrid capabilities. These include the CLE 63 super saloon, the E63 hot executive saloon, the GLE super-SUV, the flagship S63 and the AMG GT 63 mentioned in Part 1

Polestar 3

Polestar 3
Image courtesy of Polestar

Polestar are considered the most capable rival to Tesla’s crown at the top of the electric car tree, and their line-up seems to be going from strength to strength. The electric powertrains are more than enough to match anything Tesla can achieve, whilst their build quality and refinement are leagues ahead. The cool factor that the electric performance arm of Volvo brings these days is also something that puts the Polestar brand at the top of a lot of electric car buyer’s wishlists.

The latest Polestar to be added to the line-up for 2024 is the Polestar 3, a sportier and more dynamic version of the Volvo EX90. With a dual motor set up that produces 510bhp and a large 111kWh battery that can achieve a range of almost 380 miles. Early drives in the motoring press have praised the Polestar 3 for its blend of ‘rapid pace, communicative steering and a roomy, nicely finished interior’. Something that may be more than enough to tempt you out of your Model X once the novelty of the gullwing doors has worn off.

Polestar 4

Polestar 4
Image courtesy of Polestar

Before Porsche announce their all-electric version of their popular Macan, Polestar are getting there first with the Polestar 4. Offering the usual blend of single or dual motor form that means up to 537bhp and 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds, the powerplant and its statistics however aren’t the most interesting part about the Polestar 4. And it isn’t just the fact that the model doesn’t come with a rear windscreen.

What is very impressive is the high level of automated driving technology that promises one of the most sophisticated advanced driving systems available on any vehicle. Using a mix of Lidar, radar and camera systems, the Polestar 4 can visualise the road up to 600m in front to precision map the environment around it. This translates to a 7.5 second time frame at motorway speeds and can offer collision avoidance and prevention like no other. Volvo/Polestar’s ambition to make the safest cars on the road has just raised the bar even further.

Porsche 911 (992 Gen II)

Porsche 911 992.2
Image courtesy of Autocar

One of the most anticipated launches of the year will be the announcement of the second generation of the current 992 variation of Porsche 911. As well as the usual design tweaks to the exterior styling, the second generation always sees improvements to everything from suspension and handling to efficiency and power output on the engineering side, and technology, safety systems and driver aids on the assistance side.

This time however, there is much more interest to the usual midlife revision thanks to rumours that Porsche will be introducing a Hybrid version to the 911 line-up for the first time. Likely to include electric assistance to boost performance rather than for economical purposes, a Hybrid 911 is a risk for the brand but something they can put off no longer. To say 911 fans are adverse to a change in the winning formula is an understatement so there is a lot of pressure on Porsche to make sure they get this right. Though judging by the effectiveness of Hybrid powerplants that they have demonstrated in other models, it can offer a viable alternative to the range.

Porsche Macan Electric

Porsche Macan Electric
Image courtesy of Porsche

The Porsche Macan Electric has been teased for some time now. They’ve shown off the new multi-screen interior, have allowed passenger rides in one of the pre-production test cars and even shown the electric motor’s potential in a speedboat of all places. Sharing the platform with the forthcoming Audi Q6 E-Tron, the electric motor is capable of producing over 600bhp and in excess of 730 ft lb of torque, so it certainly has the power to impress.

The Macan’s party piece however has always been the way it drives, and a lot of work has gone into the new model to ensure it still drives like a car rather than a high-riding SUV. Porsche’s experience with the Taycan means they know how to make their electric cars feel the way a Porsche should, whilst the use of the latest battery technology means it should offer more than reasonable range and charging speeds. Over 300 miles range is stated and an impressive 62 miles of range from just 4 minutes of charging from a 270kW DC charger. Expect the Macan to continue to sell extremely well whether it is the electric version or the combustion engine car that will remain to be sold alongside.

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera
Image courtesy of Autocar

The Porsche Panamera had an uncertain future when the Taycan was released. Two very similar models yet one displayed the future of electric motoring, whilst the other was firmly sticking with the combustion engine. Despite this, Porsche have charged ahead with the new Panamera as a slightly larger more luxurious saloon car in their line-up and with more capability than ever before. With sharper styling the Panamera looks better than it ever has and the latest technology ensures it is more than relevant as an executive saloon alternative.

The most impressive of the Panamera models has always been the top of the range E-Hybrid version, with supercar pace and supermini frugality, and the new model looks set to continue the trend. With a 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine combined with an all-new electric motor, expect a power output in excess of 650bhp for effortless speeds surrounded in the upmost of luxury and the latest technology.

Porsche Taycan Turbo GT

Porsche Taycan Turbo GT
Image courtesy of Porsche

The second generation of the Taycan will bring an updated exterior in line with the rest of the range and an overhaul of the interior. This will also mean improved performance, battery range and charging speeds thanks to Porsche’s advancements in battery technology since the Taycan arrived in 2019. But perhaps the most anticipated addition to the new line-up will be a new model above the already more than impressive Turbo S.

Recent reports from the motoring press announced that the Tesla Model S Plaid’s reign at the top of the production electric lap record board has been wiped out by an even quicker version of the new Taycan. Believed to be called the Turbo GT to match the range topping performance version of the Cayenne, the new triple-motor set up and enhancements to the aerodynamics, suspension and handling mean that this 1,000bhp all-electric supercar beating saloon will be a very impressive car indeed.

Range Rover Electric

Image Courtesy of Land Rover

An electric version of the latest generation of Range Rover was always going to be on the cards. Hybrid technology was introduced on the previous iteration and proved to be a great success, so the next logical step was to go one step further with the new car to meet demand. Not only that, but the Range Rover has always been the go-to vehicle for the ultimate luxury experience for every day use and what better way to enhance the experience with silent motoring.

Press releases by the brand have stated that the Range Rover Electric will offer similar performance to their V8 models, meaning more than 500bhp, and 800V architecture will ensure the capability for ultra-fast charging. Land Rover are also keen to state that the Range Rover Electric will still offer real off-road capability, so a lot of work has gone into ensuring that it can wade through deep water and keep going when other SUV’s are in need of rescuing.

Conversations around the Oracle Finance offices show that a great deal of our customers are waiting for the order books to be opened, so demand for this new model is definitely going to ensure sales are strong.

Red Bull RB17

Red Bull RB17 Sketch
Image courtesy of Red Bull Advanced Technologies

For those looking for something that little bit different and to exploit their driving talents, Red Bull have confirmed that their RB17 hypercar will be revealed during 2024. A rival to the Red Bull developed Aston Martin Valkyrie, the RB17 has been created in-house by their Advanced Technologies division and is aimed primarily for the track, however will have the potential to be converted to on-road use. A limited production run of 50 cars is slated at a rate of 15 per year and the price is expected to be around the £5m mark.

The RB17 has been described by Red Bull Racing CEO Christian Horner as ‘Adrian Newey unleashed’ and the 1,250bhp on offer from the V8 Hybrid is surely just the start. The Valkyrie was a project Red Bull and Chief Technical Officer Newey and had always wanted to produce and Aston Martin gave them that opportunity. The RB17 is a showcase of what they have learned since the Valkyrie was initially designed and with their experience at the very pinnacle of the sport, you can rest assured it will be a very impressive feat of engineering.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Image courtesy of Toyota

After a 14-year production run the Land Cruiser has been reworked for 2024. With a new more rigid chassis to improve on-road ability, yet not at the expense of off-road capability, the J250 model will bring the model bang up to date, of sorts. The interior may have screens aplenty and offer the latest technology and driver assistance systems, but the exterior has looked to the past for inspiration for the new model.

Taking styling cues from the iconic Land Cruiser models over its impressive 70-year history, the latest model has borrowed heavily from its retro catalogue much like the latest Defender and updated Ford Bronco do in their latest models. The result is a bit more rounded retro styling like the Defender than unashamedly square like the G-Wagon, but the utilitarian appearance certainly works and makes the Land Cruiser stand out from the crowd amongst the abundance of large SUV’s on the market.

Volvo EX90

Volvo EX90
Image courtesy of Volvo

Vovlo’s XC90 is one of the very best large SUV’s on the market. In terms of practicality, space, design and certainly safety, little can beat the flagship Volvo at providing such a comprehensive package that excels in every area. In an attempt to move with the times and hold on to their loyal customers, they are set to introduce the EX90 all-electric version of their much-heralded family wagon.

With a twin-motor set up and 111kWh battery the manufacturer is claiming a 360-mile range and a potential power output of over 500bhp. But where the new model is set to shine is with its safety systems, in providing a ‘Driver Understanding System’ rather than the often-annoying overbearing safety systems found on most modern cars. The combination of advanced driver monitoring with radar and camera systems to monitor the road all around you, the Volvo flagship is even safer and more enjoyable to drive than ever.

Financing Your Car In 2024

With the transition period from combustion engine cars to electric only cars firmly on the back of everyone’s minds, the variety and choice of brands and models to choose from has never been greater. 2024 looks set to be busier than ever with not only new cars being delivered to waiting customers but also new car launches and more completely new models than ever before. Look out for Part 2 of our 2024 New Car Roundup later this week.

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