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Ferrari F8 Spider High Resolution
Interesting Info 23 Jun 2022
Some of the hottest summer vehicles
When the summer sun hits the UK, us proud car owners are eager to get our seasonal pride and joy…
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Green Porsche 911
Interesting Info 14 Mar 2022
Can I get car finance for a private sale?
One of our frequently asked questions at Oracle Finance is "Can I finance a car from a private seller?” And…
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Interesting Info 2 Feb 2022
The Best UK Car Shows and Motoring Events in 2022
The smell of petrol in the air, the sound of engines roaring, the hustle and bustle of fellow car fanatics…
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Grey Tesla Model Y
Interesting Info 26 Jan 2022
Oracle’s top picks for Brand New Electric Cars in 2022
The demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, partly due to the Government’s impending 2030 deadline for all new cars…
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Modern Classics Ferrari 328 GTB
Interesting Info 10 Jan 2022
Car Finance for Modern Classics
Modern classic cars are growing in popularity but what exactly do we mean when we say ‘modern classics’? A modern…
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Yellow Lamborghini
Interesting Info 16 Dec 2021
8 Secrets you should know when financing a car
Many customers continue to fund their vehicles through their car dealership or take out a loan with their bank. However,…
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Top Car Search Tips from Oracle Finance
Interesting Info 13 May 2021
Oracle’s top tips to finding your perfect car
Struggling to find your next perfect car? At Oracle Finance not only do we offer flexibility and choice when it…
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Interesting Info 17 Feb 2021
Oracle’s top tips to buying a brand new car in 2021
March is just around the corner and we know many of you will be planning to purchase a brand new…
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Interesting Info 14 Jan 2021
Oracle’s top tips to buying a car online
Despite car dealerships being forced to close their showroom doors due to Covid19 restrictions, we have still been receiving a…
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Car News 6 Mar 2020
5 reasons why MARCH is the ideal time to buy a car
Is it Spring yet?  The thought of travelling into the next season with a different car is so appealling -…
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Car News 9 Oct 2019
Ferrari 458 Italia vs Ferrari 488 GTB
What do you look for when you're buying a car? Do you choose the most modern car your budget allows…
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Car News 5 Sep 2019
5 reasons why SEPTEMBER is the best month to buy a car
Feeling autumnal yet?  Change is definitely in the air.  Kids are back at school, roads are busier, and the leaves…
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