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Car News 17 Jan 2020

What do Formula 1 Drivers drive when they’re off duty?

Have you ever wondered what the best racing drivers in the world drive?  Both on and off the track, they don’t disappoint!  We’ve been researching our favourite F1 racers to find out more about their pride and joy when they’re off duty.

Lewis Hamilton

As you’d expect, the 6 time Formula 1 World Champion has a vast collection of cars.  From a 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 to the Ferrari LaFerrari. Hamilton is most famous for flying through the streets of Monaco in his Pagani Zonda 760. The car is estimated to be worth a cool $1.4 million.

Formula 1
Image: CarThrottle

Carlos Sainz

The 24 year old celebrated his first Formula 1 podium by taking delivery of his custom Mclaren 600LT Spider. The car looks sleek in dark sliver with bright orange brake calipers. The inside features carbon fibre seats and bright orange seat belts to match.


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Jenson Button  

2009 was a big year for the former racer. It’s the year he won his first and only World Championship. As well as buying one of only 200 Bugatti Veyron’s that were available at the time. Even back in 2009 the Veyron came with an eye-water price tag of £1,000,000.

Formula 1
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Sebastian Vettel

Unsurprisingly, Ferrari’s number 1 driver has an incredible collection of Ferrari road cars. The standout is his classic F40. Previously owned by world famous Italian Opera singer Luciano Pavarotti (we can just imagine him singing ‘Nessun Dormer’ flying round the streets of Modena). Vettel’s F40 is estimated to be worth up to £2,000,000.

Formula 1
Image: Shutterstock

Max Verstappen

The Dutch youngster was racing his 200+mph Formula 1 car a year before he had a driving license. Verstappen passed his driving test on his 18th Birthday. His first car was….a Renault Clio, as his father insisted he should get experience in something sensible! However, less than a year later, Verstappen took his first Formula 1 race victory and celebrated by upgrading to a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Not a bad upgrade for the then 18 year old! Bet the insurance on that was a shocker!

Formula 1
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Fernando Alonso

Currently competing in the Dakar Rally.  The former two times World Champion is well known for his car collection. The rarest in his collection is the Ferrari 599 GTB Alonso Edition. Named after the racer, only 40 of these cars were ever produced.

Formula 1
Image: CarBuzz

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